Man United v CHELSEA: FA Cup Preview

Venue: Old Trafford

Date: Sunday, 10 March

Kick-off: 16.30 GMT

United. A game I’d usually feel nervous about, a game I’d be well up for – until now. Now I’m just dreading it.

Yep, more doom and gloom but let’s be honest the idea of being up against the likes of Rooney and Van Persie can’t fill many of you with confidence today either. Whilst they’ve even got Kagawa scoring hat-tricks for them at the minute, we have a mannequin up front who couldn’t shake off a cold nevermind a half decent defender. And while their manager will undoubtedly have had the hairdryer out after their exit from Europe (once all the toys were safely out of the pram), ours is more likely to have sat rocking in a corner, notepad in hand, applying for any available posts without the word ‘interim’ in the title.

Going into today’s game, I reckon Fergie’s trying a bit of reverse psychology (whilst peeing his pants laughing), saying “I’m not going to kick anyone when they’re lying down. It’s not my style. My concern is Manchester United. What happens at Chelsea doesn’t really affect me. Chelsea have a terrific record in the FA Cup, probably the best of any team in the last decade. It doesn’t matter when you play Chelsea or who’s in charge, we’ll have a hard game.”

For United, Phil Jones (ankle) and Paul Scholes (knee) are out injured, whilst Giggs is likely to get the day off to rest up. Apart from that, Fergie seems to have some selection problems because most of his lot are performing too well to drop – and of course my heart bleeds for him.
For Chelsea, Romeu (knee) remains out long term and JT whilst not injured will undoubtedly have his pride to nurse if FSW makes him sit this one out as rumoured. Cole, Mata and Ramires should start – mind you, so should Demba Ba but whether or not he will, we’ll have to wait and see.

UNITED (Possible line-up): De Gea, Rafael, Smalling, Evans, Evra, Valencia, Anderson, Carrick, Kagawa, Rooney, Van Persie

CHELSEA (Possible line-up): Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz, Cahill, Cole, Ramires, Lampard, Mikel, Mata, Hazard, Ba

Chelsea 5-4 United AET (31st October 2012) League Cup
Sod the stats, let’s be honest, anything better than defeat will be a massive bonus the way we’ve played under FSW.


7 Responses to “Man United v CHELSEA: FA Cup Preview”

  1. If it fills you with dread you are doing better than me.
    I have completely given up on hope this season whilst FSW is there. Just want it over already.

  2. Wonder what Webb will do this time.

  3. Credit where credit is due to Rafa for that game. If only he could get us to play like that all the time I’d be glad for him to stay. And even to Howard Webb who did well to keep out of it for most of it and not let the game break up. Great to see us play as well as we played againt United in the premier league at the start even though we were robbed then.

  4. Credit? If he’d picked the right starting Xl we probably wouldnt have been 2-0 down to start with

  5. Rio Ferdinand is the most shittiest spineless thug there exists…once again the spineless FA with Man Utd’s CEO on the FA board shows how biased and partial they are by not banning the thug for his assault on Torres. If that had been a Chelsea player, he would have been banned for 3-4 games like Ivanovic was last year…pathetic…simply pathetic…Rio Ferdinand just like his brother is nothing more than a piece of garbage has-been footballer…spineless FA!

  6. You could argue that. But who knows what would of happened had Hazard and Mikel started. Would we have dominated or would they have been average with the rest of the team?

  7. And I agree Rushad. Ferdinand and Fergie terrible attitude in two games. Sarcastic applause and a no show press conference then a trip and shove and again a no show press conference. Scum