Roman’s New-found Patience: Ambivalence Or An Agenda?

I’m not really sure anymore whether I have very little to say about the goings-on at Chelsea this season, or whether I actually have so much swimming around in my head I just never know where to start – but I rarely feel motivated to write about it either way.

And yes, I’m going to blame the interim for that – and those who hired him.

You see, whilst everyone can bang on about the players needing to take some responsibility for the way they’re playing, I only accept that to a point. The fact is, take any team in any business you like, if they have poor leadership and management, they won’t or can’t perform.

With AVB, there was very probably more of an element of ‘won’t’ about it.  It was quite clear there was a bit of gamesmanship going on there.  We all know the way AVB handled things with Lampard didn’t go down well with anyone and the way the players handled it didn’t go down well with Roman either.  Yet the minute Roberto Di Matteo was in situ, the players suddenly found some of that energy and fight that looked to have completely deserted them under his predecessor.

With the interim though, I think it’s more that the players ‘can’t’ perform under him.  For a start, it would have been virtually impossible to have respected him when he turned up given his clear, and very vocal,  contempt for us in the past.  And even if the players had got past that, the fact that the supporters, their supporters, show very vocal contempt in the present, has to have an affect on them. 

And then there’s his management skills – or lack of – to contend with.  These players will never have had a manager with the sort of inability to pick his best XI for a game that the interim has.  Or a manager who leaves them all struggling with whatever his selection has been, a goal down or maybe two, without response for 80 minutes. And they certainly won’t have had a manager before who responds to being a goal or two down by swapping right-backs – or worse still, bringing on a shadow of a player who couldn’t find his own d*ck with a sat nav these days nevermind the back of the net.

On top of all of that though, there’s the treatment of JT and Frank Lampard. Bearing in mind, these two players (alongside Didier of course, who was dispensed with in the summer), have been the spine of the Chelsea side throughout the successes under Abramovich. To the Chelsea faithful, these are absolute legends – and yet the way they’re being phased out by the interim is blatant.  In fact its not so much phasing as pushing them out.  So, any leadership Chelsea does still have available to them, is being beaten down.  Is it really any wonder the players aren’t responding to tactics like that?

Why aren’t Roman and his band of merry men reacting to all this though? I mean, lets face it, whenever Roman has wanted a player getting game-time in the past, it’s happened. Yet, here we are, two of the highest profile players at the club for years – the Mr Chelsea’s as the press used to referred to them in the days before they stopped manager baiting (or is it just Spanish interim’s they refuse to bait?) – being blatantly ousted by an interim and Roman and the board do nothing.  Coincidence? I shouldn’t think so.

Think about it, if you decided it was time to get rid of a couple of players at the club but you knew they’d probably be the two hardest players to dispense with without feeling the wrath of thousands who’d previously hero-worshipped you, how might you go about it?

Well, if you were narcissistic enough, you might, just might, buy yourself a scapegoat. Hypothetically, you could even bring in someone the supporters disliked so much, they’d be focusing all their energy on trying to get you to sack him.  Ok, so the fact that the scapegoat probably would do better at the side of a ploughed field than a football pitch isnt ideal but if it means you get rid of him – and a couple of expensive legends you’ve no further use of – in one fell swoop, whilst remaining blameless yourself, might be a sacrifice worth making, right?

Oh, and whilst we’re ‘just imagining’ stuff here, how might you go about pacifying your disciples to keep any ideas of questioning your loyalty at bay? Well, if we’re going to stretch the unimaginable a little bit further – you might just have a return of the prodigal son up your sleeve to appease them, after all, you’ll have just shown the player alleged to have been responsible for his departure, the door.


2 Responses to “Roman’s New-found Patience: Ambivalence Or An Agenda?”

  1. I thought you were coming to the correct conclusion there – until the last paragraph. Just cant countenance JTs departure being a reason for Jose’s return just yet. All too much for me after this seasons woes. Can we wind it back, to where it seems possible board want (expensive) influential senior players out, hired hated dick to do the work.
    Having done the best he could, JT gets drafted in at the back, leads the club to FA and Europa Cup double, cements 4th spot and Roman – knowing this is what the fans really crave, brings back The Special One, who insists that JT and Frank are given another contract and take their badges under him.

    Thats all I can handle at the moment. Feel a little bit ‘roughed up’ this season.

    Vera x

  2. We’re all a little fragile 🙁