Chelsea: The Only ‘I’ Is In Interim

I was reading some sensationalised nonsense about the England game and Rio Ferdinand yesterday morning.  As ever, the journalist’s answer to Piers Morgan was trying his best at some attention seeking controversy and I honestly thought I couldn’t see anything quite as painfully embarrassing again – until our game.

I’d said in the preview the interim better not put all his eggs in the FA Cup basket this weekend although seven changes would suggest he very much did. If anyone was under any illusion before the game that the interim could care less about anything but his own CV, the wake-up call would undoubtedly have come with his team selection.

Yes folks, here is a man who would rather try for a trophy on his own record than focus on the bread and butter that could have kept us somewhere close to a fourth place finish.  Sod the fact that top four for us looks increasingly unlikely as the weeks go by, let’s concentrate on trying to win an FA Cup quarter final replay against United (that we’re pretty unlikely to win anyway) in the hopes of padding out his CV.

And when another competition evades us, what then? Well then he’ll try to kid us the focus is all about the Europa League – and no doubt Roman will continue to sit back and do nothing as our season goes down the pan. It defies belief that on yesterday’s showing it was Martin O’Neil (who lost by a goal to the soon-to-be-crowned Premier League champions), who was shown the door.  Not that Sunderland haven’t been poor but let’s be honest, he’s hardly had the same sort of resources as the interim to work with has he? Will we get away with a 1-0 defeat tomorrow? I doubt it somehow.

The interim has taken a squad Martin O’Neil amongst others would die for, an available starting XI with the potential to scare the shit out of defences with the sort of attacking flair I certainly felt honoured to watch previously, and he’s turned it into an unmotivated, lack-lustre bunch of also-rans – at best.

Let’s not forget, this is the team who started the season as Champions of Europe and no matter what our critics might say about the worth of that title, make no mistake, we won that largely because of the team ethic we had – under Roberto Di Matteo. He might not have been everyone’s choice of manager to take Chelsea forward but he maintained the sort of integrity our players could believe in.

And beyond that, he maintained the most important ethic of all – there’s no ‘I’ in team.


4 Responses to “Chelsea: The Only ‘I’ Is In Interim”

  1. You really don’t like FSW do you?, personally I think he’s fucking great x

  2. The worst thing that ever happened to chelsea under Abramovich is that fat spaniard waiter. Some say it was a gamble. But, the truth is It wasn’t a gamble, his focus was on FA cup which he will never touch again. He needed to win against Soton to give the team the needed confidence to face Manchester United while at the same time putting the team in a good position for UCL qualification. Now, in his selfish attempt to endanger chelsea so as to win FA cup for his CV boost, he as actually shot himself in the boot. Rafa’s type is not needed in charge of any serious team in this modern football management. Benitez out! You are not of chelsea, you never was, and you can never be.

  3. i spent about 5mins thinking of something to say in defence of Benitez and all i could come up with was this. . . Benitez, really is a selfish red-headed idiot.

  4. The fans treat him like sh*t on a weekly basis, what do you think he’s going to do?! He didn’t care about the club when he arrived and he cares even less about helping secure Champions League football for his replacement in the summer. As much as I dislike his managerial abilities, I’m afraid the people who hired him have to shoulder the majority of the blame.