Liverpool 2-2 CHELSEA: Brendan’s Boys Have Bite

Where would you even start with the game yesterday? And more to the point, does it even matter when the game ended up a bit of an aside? Well, of course it does because whatever happened during the game – and it definitely wasn’t without incident – the two points could ultimately cost us as we get ever closer to the end of the season.

Yet again, our performance left a lot to be desired but when you know you should’ve finished the game, firstly about 5 minutes before we did (where exactly did he get 6 minutes form, nevermind 7?) and secondly, against 10 or even 9 men, it’s all a bit galling. Of course, I’d generally blame the interim – and to be honest, his decision to leave JT and Lampard out of a game like that still defies logic but then given this is a man who’ll bring Benayoun on for Hazard and leave Ba on the bench when we need a bit of life up front, it’s pointless even trying to suss his decisions out.

Yesterday though, interim’s pointless presence aside, there were a couple of even more bizarre decisions that need addressing – the decision not to send Sturridge down the tunnel for trying to leave his impression on Bertrand’s shins and the even more bizarre decision not to offer Suarez a square meal. All joking aside though, what the actual f*ck is wrong with Suarez? What would possess any man to want to sink his teeth into another human being, nevermind in the middle of a game of football? What is that all about? Not once but twice now he’s done that in his professional career and it’s just nuts really. I still can’t quite get my head around it but no amount of arse kissing now should detract from what he did to another professional on the field.

As for the interim’s response – or lack of one – in his post match interview, well that just epitomises his attitude towards Chelsea football club and everyone involved with it. Total and utter disrespect.

His departure can’t come soon enough.


2 Responses to “Liverpool 2-2 CHELSEA: Brendan’s Boys Have Bite”

  1. Cannot fathom the Benayoun substitution. Really? That’s what we needed?

  2. Agree totally whatever his game is its not for the love of chelsea football club,he’s been brought in to rid the great backbone of the club i.e jt & lamps so everyone else become soulless yes men.
    Also can someone get rid of mikel he’s s##t.