A Welcome Reunion

How many people have ended relationships because they think the grass is greener, only to find themselves years down the line waking up next to someone intellectually, aesthetically and probably financially weaker? Or falling out with a ‘best’ friend over something stupid and ending up with a Saturday afternoon drinking buddy about as stimulating as Piers Morgan on Mogadon?  Yep, that old saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone’ could never be more relevant than when applied to Chelsea and Jose Mourinho.

I’ll hold my hands up here, because when Roman had, had enough of Jose Mourinho, so had I in many ways. Of course, I was apprehensive – and as furious as the next man/woman/child – but most of my rage was around who they’d chosen to replace him with rather than his departure as a whole. I mean, Avram Grant might have been a bit ‘spesh’ but a Special One? Never!!

No point pretending Mourinho’s always been the greatest love of my life. In fact, I’ve had plenty of digs at him since he left and a lot of what I’ve said about him still stands.  He is arrogant, he is manipulative and he does come with a circus but to be honest, given the dark cloud I’ve felt hanging over me and everything I’ve felt about football since last November, he could strut his cocky arse into Stamford Bridge today, surrounded by the world’s press,  proclaiming to be The Special One……

Seriously though, whatever negatives I might have seen before – and I’ve already acknowledged some of these in recent months – what I’ve also said is Chelsea need Mourinho right now. Not just because we had to put up with the interim for six sulky months but because it was always going to take something pretty major to get some of us feeling anything like the sort of passion and energy we used to have about the club just about every waking moment.  

I’m not talking support for Chelsea as a team because they’ll always get that from us. I’m talking the sort of cohesiveness that comes with being united in a common cause, rather than the gulf, not just between the board and supporters last season that went from its former divide to a gaping bloody chasm, but even amongst the fans themselves.  Even from the dark days of Avram Grant, I don’t think I’ve ever felt further removed from the club than I have done over the past six months – as the empty days and weeks on this blog no doubt demonstrate.

So yes, Mourinho is still self assured and arrogant but I actually think our players are in a place where they could do with the sort of cockiness he instilled during his last spell with us.  It’s about time they played with their heads up, their chests out and some fire in their bellies anyway.  Is he still manipulative? Well if he wasn’t I very much doubt we’d be hearing any announcements about his return to Chelsea, so it’s not the worst trait in the world is it?

Has he curbed his temperament since his departure though? Well to be fair he hasn’t poked anyone in the eye for a couple of years now so any sparring is likely to be verbal and let’s be honest, the Premier League could definitely do with something to liven it up after last season’s washout of a campaign.

I’m a firm believer in never going back though, so what about the fact that second chances usually have a habit of reminding us exactly where things went wrong first time around? Actually, in this case, I don’t think there’s an alternative but to revisit the former love of Chelsea’s life, mainly because I just don’t think the majority have ever really moved on since he left.  Psychologically at least, I just don’t think we’ve allowed ourselves to. 

So, going back to the bit where you wake up years down the line from a relationship ending…..we need to know what might have been. And ok, it’s probably inevitable it won’t last this time either but we’ll at least be reminded of just how good the good times felt – and then more importantly, this time we’ll get closure.

Let’s do it Chelsea. Let’s bring Jose home!


3 Responses to “A Welcome Reunion”

  1. damn u. u dnt deserve that tag chelsea fan. u r a plastic fan or perhaps an arsenal fan fleeing to greener pastures

  2. Interesting article looking at the pro’s and con’s of bringing the Special One back to West London.

    Despite the turbulence which often surrounds him, Mourinho’s record is truly staggering, and you have to say Chelsea will be title contenders next season with him in charge and Ferguson gone.

    We’ve just published a new post at our blog which asks whether Mourinho is the greatest coach in the world – worth checking out as a follow up to this piece.


  3. The king has come home