Mourinho’s Return: A Win-Win Situation?

So, he’s back. After all the betting, the speculation and the hope that it wasn’t misfounded, The Special One is home – or at least he will be when he’s officially unveiled next Monday.  On a four year deal and a reported £8.5m salary, Jose Mourinho is back at Chelsea and in the Premier League that sorely needs him according to Unibet.

Is he planning to hang around this time though? Before he’s even officially back in the door he suggests he is, saying “I hope so. When you look at the profile of the Chelsea squad I think it’s what they need at this time. It’s very important for this club and very important for the balance of the squad, but it’s a young squad with a lot of talent and I think they need stability to reach a high point of their evolution and for their careers.  They need stability, stability I hope I can give them and between me, the owner and of course the club, we have no doubts about what we want to do and the approach we want to have.

I am the same, physically the same, but every day you have to think about yourself and about evolution. I have the same nature but I’m much more mature with a different approach to things, I’m more ready to be in a club and stay for a long time.”

So, if what he’s saying is true, we can believe he’s had a few years out at other clubs and as we know, he’s continued to win enough to keep his CV in pretty good shape, so now he’s ready to settle down longer term. But what about Roman? Is he ready to hang on to a manager in the long term yet?

From what Mourinho says, you’d have to feel mildly optimistic that the penny might just have dropped for our owner too, because he says “It was an easy decision. I met the boss, the owner and I think in five minutes after a couple of very short but pragmatic questions we decided straight away. I asked the boss ‘do you want me back?’ and the boss asked me ‘do you want to come back?’ I think in a couple of minutes the decision was made.

People know the person I am, I kept a fantastic relation with the owner and the club, and it’s something that makes me proud to be back. Not just because of the professional I am, I believe so because of the person I am.”

Frank Lampard is someone who has no doubts what sort of person Mourinho is and with his former boss back in what certainly feels his rightful place for now, our midfielder says “He’s taken that (winning mentality) everywhere he’s gone with him.  He creates a spirit in his squads that you can see from the outside is very, very strong. He’s a top class manager, we all know that.”

Of course there’s no questioning that but inevitably, before he’s even officially welcomed back by the club, the detractors are already predicting varying lengths of time before he’ll be gone again. I mean, obviously he’ll leave again because all managers leave their jobs at some point (and Chelsea managers do it more than most) but predictably, the speculation seems to err on the side of a two year maximum for him.

So what though?

For a kick-off, the fact he’s returned in the first place has given us a massive boost and it’ll likely have much the same effect on the players.  We already know he’s a winner but more than that, he’s a proper manager – a manager in the true sense of the word – and he’s one of the biggest motivators in the game. Whether that’s for two months, two years, or the full four and beyond, it’ll do us more good than harm.

And of course, the other part of his return I’ve already talked about on here, is that even if it doesn’t work out in the longer term and he does leave, even that could be a positive.  He’s a consistently good and reliable manager to have for however long it lasts and after the last six years of fallout, even I can’t see Roman going for another headline-grabbing split to signal the end of this particular reign.

As far as my overactive imagination allows itself to stretch at this early stage, I’d be inclined to believe Roman had a very clear agenda in putting the interim in his post for the six months he did. I’d also assume his agenda is just as clear in delivering Mourinho to the supporters who’ve been very vocal in their wish for the reunion over the last six years.  And I wouldn’t mind betting Roman sees it as a win-win this time around as well.

Giving the majority what they ask for comes with brownie points but more than that, if handled in the right way this time, can only have a positive outcome.  Either it won’t work out and the supporters will see that for themselves this time (and subsequently accept his eventual departure without the same level of fuss), or, heaven forbid, it actually will work in the longer term – and we’ll all live happily ever after!

Welcome home Jose.


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