Chelsea Fixtures 2013

So the fixtures are out and it’s a home start for us against Hull, followed by United away.  So, a nice easy start for us and the run-in looks better than it did last year as well. Here’s what’ll take us up to 2014:


17 Sat Hull                  H

24 Sat Man Utd           A

31 Sat Aston Villa         H


14 Sat Everton            A

21 Sat Fulham             H

28 Sat Tottenham       A


5 Sat Norwich             A

19 Sat Cardiff              H

26 Sat Man City           H



2 Sat Newcastle           A

9 Sat West Brom         H

23 Sat West Ham        A

30 Sat Southampton   H



3 Tue Sunderland         A

7 Sat Stoke                  A

14 Sat Crystal Palace    H

21 Sat Arsenal              A

26 Thu Swansea          H

28 Sat Liverpool          H


2 Responses to “Chelsea Fixtures 2013”

  1. Its aesy chelsea all the way

  2. The title z ours chelsea all the way