Do Chelsea Risk Losing Luiz?

When it comes to David Luiz, he could be the Marmite of centre backs – love him or loathe him, but whilst it might have been the in thing to take pot shots at him after Gary Neville’s ‘Playstation’ comments, in the wake of his stand-out performance in the Confederations Cup, the curly-haired one is hot property.

Some of us won’t be surprised by the amount of attention he’s suddenly receiving though because aside from the odd court jester moment, we’ve seen all along there’s a seriously good player underneath. He’s even been talked of as a potential future Chelsea captain – and given the loyalty Chelsea supporters have always had for John Terry, that in itself speaks volumes. Although those punting on football might favour betting on him leaving the Bridge but the club didn’t shell out £21 million on a defender without good cause.

Whilst he doesn’t always look as if he takes everything too seriously and there’s a casualness about him at times that needs a good shaking, his ability to take a free kick is without question and his execution of the long ball, borders on perfection. The man has great vision and passion in abundance, he clearly loves what he does but can he actually defend? Ask Pedro.

So with all this attention, will we lose him? Well, it’s a risk but would Chelsea really let such a valuable asset go? Or more to the point, would Jose Mourinho give Pep Guardiola the satisfaction of getting his man? I actually think its unlikely we’ll see Luiz go walkabout this summer. What I do see as a bigger risk though, is the potential for frustration given Jose will undoubtedly look to tame the Brazilian defender’s wanderlust on the pitch.

Yes, Jose may have transformed Carvalho into one of the most consistent defenders Chelsea have ever had in their back line but there’s something about David’s character that makes him the player he is. Attempts to tame that could detract from his game, or at the very least create frustration – and therein lies the risk of losing our Loveable Luiz.


6 Responses to “Do Chelsea Risk Losing Luiz?”

  1. i see david luis future handing with captain for chelsea.

  2. Chelsea should keep Luiz because he is important and will be used as Essien.

  3. well i think loosing David will be a big blow to the club and more specifically the fans. yes his character and performance as a centre back is sometimes questionable. as it were he commits fowls that sometime cost a panalty he cant be sold. perharps the best option is to move him to defensive midfield. we saw him do a good job there during the rein of Benitez. i think we dont have to let him go. HE IS TO GOOD TO LOOSE. ups the BLUES

  4. Directly responsible for conceding 12 goals last season by kamikaze defending.He’s great on the ball
    and has a great personality but ball watches too much,which results in losing his man.Pat Nevin showed
    some good examples during the confed cup against Japan,where he was drawn out of position leaving
    a gaping hole through the middle of defence,a bit like the Everton,Naysmith goal at the Bridge.A good example of him ball watching was the Spurs second goal at the Bridge.Great guy but can’t be relied on.

  5. He is a great guy, he needs to be talked to and thats what mou will do. But if Pep still insists he wants him then he must have 50 million pounds at hand.

  6. Luiz has lots of qualities and a weakness. He’s good at one on one marking, clearing out set pieces in his own half, throwing long passes, freekicks, eye for goals, and he’s convertible as leftback or defensive midfielder and has charisma. His only known weakness is being caught out of position. If he’s cautioned or has a defensive midfield that covers for him, he’ll be a legend. At the moment there are no quality defenders around better than luiz, with the exception of Thiago Silva or matt hummels