Chelsea: The Rationale for Rooney

So, Wayne Rooney eh? Is he coming or not? And more importantly, do we want him to?  Well that depends on who you’re talking to.

I had a conversation with my dad about him the other night and we’re both on the ‘yes’ side of the fence. My eldest son however, whilst inheriting the general football intelligence to support Chelsea from me, must have inherited the logic part from his father because he was on the ‘no’ side of this particular debate.  His argument against? “He’s a mercenary”, they’re all mercenaries son!

Van Persie moved from Arsenal to United. Did any of their supporters question his integrity? No, they simply counted up the goals at the end of their title-winning season. And that’s just one recent example, we have plenty of our own under our own noses. For years, Didier Drogba wanted in and out of Chelsea more times than your average MP visiting his local massage parlour and look at how that turned out. Frank Lampard and John Terry have both done their fair share of ‘negotiating’ to command stupid money to play for the club they ‘love’. Need I go on?

Rightly or wrongly, players will get as much as they can in their accounts these days – or at least their agents will – but that doesn’t equate to a lack of ambition or desire to play.  If anything, with Rooney, this ‘move’ is quite the opposite. He’s being talked about as a back-up man in the new manager’s plans, that wouldn’t sit comfortably with any striker in the top-flight, so certainly wouldn’t appeal to a player with Rooney’s hunger.

He’s clearly been unhappy at United for some time, first under SAF and now already with Moyes, so why drag it out? Unless RVP starts succumbing to the sort of niggling injuries that kept him out far too often at Arsenal, it’s quite apparent Rooney won’t get a look in at United anyway and for a player of his quality, that’s not just a waste, it’s unnecessary.

He might have shown inconsistencies in form (which player doesn’t?) but that, as I’ve already said, is against a backdrop of discontent. What we’d get from Rooney right now though, is a player desperate to prove himself (and prove Moyes wrong), a player with the sort of passion and hunger that’s innate not taught. And what Rooney would get from Chelsea, is a manager with those qualities and more, a manager who took a sulky workhorse like Didier Drogba and left us with the sort of prolific striker we’d give our right arm to have again.

Rooney’s versatility would be an absolute dream for Mourinho, his own eye for goal, along with the sort of defensive abilities that would afford more freedom for players like Mata, Hazard, Oscar and Schurrle, could translate into the sort of gift that would have us all thinking it’s our birthday.

Of course, we have to acknowledge Rooney hasn’t covered himself in glory of late but if any manager has the ability to bring the best out in his men, turning good into great, that manager is Jose Mourinho – and his mind is already made up with Rooney.

Try telling my eldest that though!


10 Responses to “Chelsea: The Rationale for Rooney”

  1. Rooney would be a great fit at Chelsea, he’s a disgusting adulterous money grabbing scumbag. He’d sit great with the likes if John Terry and Ash Cole. Probably the 2 biggest pricks to ever grace a football field. And the classless less than imaginitive chavs at the bridge would welcome him and endear him with the one and only song they know. Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea.

  2. I agree with your son I’m afraid. Rooney is not a player I want at Chelsea and he is a mercenary. I’m sorry but Van Persie joined Man Utd because he wanted to win titles, which wasn’t going to happen at Arsenal. What is Rooney excuse for leaving?

  3. Dave, I suppose RVP has an unblemished background outside of the game then? 🙂
    Tom – maybe Rooney is leaving for a bit of consistency in playing? Moyes has made it quite clear that won’t happen for him at United

  4. So not good enough for Man U but good enough for Chelsea. Shouldn’t we be looking at better than Man U rejects?

    Also anyone whose seen him play lately will notice how he never looks fit or sharp anymore because outside of the pitch he doesn’t look after himself as well as the very best players do and its started to catch up with him fast which is worrying. He will be another expensive flop like torres mark my words.

  5. Who cares why players move. Go read economics 101 and check out the principles of supply and demand. As for players morals, eh let’s see, these guys don’t come from mars. They are from and of our social fabric. We are not all saints; or would the one saint we don’t know raise their hand please. Cfc, go get Wayne, of the choices left, he comes closest to filling the void left by DD.

  6. Moyes doesnt see Rooney in United’s set-up, Mourinho sees him in ours. Since Moyes isnt managing CFC, I couldn’t care less whether he thinks Rooney is good enough or not tbh, I’ll trust TSO’s judgement on this one.

  7. Mourinho is no mug.Speaking as a united fan i would be gutted if he left.

  8. Personally I think he would do well under Jose. Although look at it this way if we don’t get him then Jose will have successfully unsettled a rivals striker!

  9. The key difference between Utd signing RVP and Chelsea possibly signing Rooney is that RVP went to Utd at the top of his game, whereas I couldn’t really say the same for Rooney right now. He has potential to shine, so did Torres but after that whole debacle it’s a case of once bitten twice shy for me. If he does come, I’d love him to prove me wrong but as a Chelsea fan this is one signing I can’t claim to be excited over.

  10. Rooney is a great player, no doubt. Do we really need him? Maybe, maybe not. He’s definitely a step up from Torres and Ba, but I could honestly see Lukaku playing as our first choice striker next season, perhaps even if Rooney comes.

    Still, City won the league with 4 good strikers, so I wouldn’t mind another addition in Rooney.