Mourinho’s Mind Games or Press Paranoia?

Here we go, our season hasn’t even started but the headlines around ‘Jose’s Mind Games’ have.  Jose Mourinho must feel as if he’s never been away.  The minute he opens his mouth, everything he says goes under the knife, every piece of it dissected in the press post mortem with the predictable search for ‘suspicious circumstances’.

This time, all he’s done is say the same thing most of us have already thought or said the past couple of seasons in the Premier League anyway, yet coming from Jose Mourinho, there must be an ulterior motive – apparently. On the last couple of seasons in the Premier League, all Mourinho has said is “Sometimes you win because you are tremendous and other times you win because you are the best. But you can be the best without being tremendous.  Do you think Man United last year won the Premier League because they were an unbelievable team? I don’t think so.  The other contenders, they didn’t have a very good season.  The same thing the season before, when Man City won the title in the last second of the competition.  Were they an extraordinary team? I don’t think they were.  The champions, in other seasons, were magnificent. Especially in the last two seasons, I felt not.”

He’s not wrong is he? United may well have won at a canter last season but realistically, how poor was the competition? Mancini was having a ‘mare trying to gain some control of his rebellious resources at City, our players had an interim who clearly didn’t know his arse from his elbow and Arsenal, well they’re just Arsenal aren’t they? The fact is, it was one of the poorest Premier League seasons we’ve seen. As for City the season before, even they left it til the last minute of the last game when realistically, with the sort of players they had at their disposal, they should have won it by a country mile.

The last time Mourinho was in the Premier League, he came, he saw and he conquered. Following on from a season in which Arsenal had gone unbeaten, Mourinho took the title with a 12-point gap over the former ‘invincibles’ and a massive 18 ahead of United, with a record 95 points.  So Mourinho’s points are wholly valid when he says ”I think the champions, in other seasons, were magnificent.  In the last two seasons, I’ve felt no. In the past years you’ve had a fantastic Arsenal who were champions without a single defeat. You had Chelsea with a points record in the Premier League. You had United who won the title after our double and had an unbelievable season.”

So is this really psychological pressure or just press paranoia?


2 Responses to “Mourinho’s Mind Games or Press Paranoia?”

  1. Just the usual press bore, PC Chair Journalists.

  2. Mourinho ix a load of xhit cux klaimin dix and dat hax bkom a damn freakin day 2 day routine 4 d xo-kalled xpecial 1………dix ix paranoia no doubt bout it