More Worried About Willian Than Spurs

Imagine this, a player has his travel paid for, gets fawned over by a Premier League club, is completing a medical for them and then decides he’d actually rather sign for a club already in the Champions League than the side which, consistently fails to get there.

I mean, if another club came in for you at the eleventh hour, a club not only in the Champions League but a club that had actually won it in recent years, you’d have their hand off wouldn’t you? It’s a no-brainer, so from Willian’s point of view, you couldn’t blame him for fancying us over Spurs.

Only a week earlier the Brazilian looked like he’d be spending his season on Merseyside when Liverpool thought they were about to wrap up a £27.5m deal.  Spurs clearly saw nothing immoral in stepping in to offer a move to London and a £30m deal, so they’d be bound to understand it if they were subjected to exactly the same tactics, right?


In fact, not only have they found it completely unacceptable, they’ve gone as far as to suggest Chelsea’s only motive in signing the attacking midfielder is fear. Yes, that’s right, having consistently finished in the Champions League places ahead of the North London outfit for the past decade, we’re suddenly scared they’re about to dominate World football – or the Premier League at least.

United have players like RvP, a man who on form, could probably win the Premier League single-handedly on goals scored alone. City have the sort of squad you couldn’t even put together on a PS3 if you wanted to, yet Chelsea feel the need to ‘steal’ players from a club in the process of selling their biggest asset.

Paranoid much?



73 Responses to “More Worried About Willian Than Spurs”

  1. Arrogant Chelsea idiot! The reason why you have been above us for the last decade (minus one season thanks to a terrible style of football) is because you bought your way there! The only way you will stay there is to buy your way there! Your team is full of mercenaries already so this guy will feel right at home!

  2. I’m a Spurs fan.
    For one i cant really see why we’re going after this guy. His stats are far from impressive. I’ve watched some clips and i cant see how he will contribute.

    Besides, a player not able to make up his mind where he wants to go, lacks the right attitude in the first place. Can’t see him being successful in the EPL.

  3. I’m fairly certain that if Chelsea were to have a player receive a medical and have the transportation fee paid for by your club and we came in and snatched him out from under you without any talks before you chelsea fans would be a little upset. Now having that said I am glad you got him because truth be told I didn’t want him with spurs. He has only caped for brazil 4 times (i believe) and he hasn’t really had that good of a reputation of scoring. sure he’s got flair as do all brazilians, but what I think spurs need is a player like Lamela which (hopefully) is close to completion… unless Chelsea decide to talk to him after his medical 😉

  4. Where did you find out that spurs said Chelsea signed out of ‘fear’? stop reading rubbish newspaper
    talk cause they recent said Gary Glitter is a big Chelsea fan. He probably decided to support Chelsea
    out of ‘fear’.

  5. 1 Chelsea yes have been a better team than spurs for the last few years but 2 seasons ago we finished 4th and Chelsea finished 6th but we were very unlucky as you had the miracle of winning the champs league.
    2 When spurs were in the champs league we made it to the quater final which is good for a debut
    Also you said we struggle with Europa lge we made it to the semi final last year and you didn’t make it past the group stages of champions lge
    3 you didn’t need willian you have just wasted 30 million on a player and mourinho wants to get rid of your best player mata maybe Tottenham should go for him now as you have bought willian

  6. Not ‘doing it’ to man U? Is that why Chavski keep tapping Rooney?

    Any truth in the rumour that Willian was used as a smoke screen and that Spurs were expecting Chavski to try it on? With Baldini on board Spurs are far more astute in the transfer market than they used to be, as their recent acquisitions testifies.

    From their failure to get Modric, the noisy neighbours from SW1 knew they couldn’t sign any existing Spurs player and, let’s face it Bale is out of their league.

    Lamela is a far better player and better value, whilst Chavski are lumbered with another prima donna not worth a quarter of the £30,0000000 fee.

    In which case the smug Mourinho and his boss with his Bratva connections are the chumps.

  7. Mou thanks for the brilliant addition.

  8. Two seasons ago Abromovich FC having spent around £750,000,000 on players over the previous 8 years ended 6th – below amongst others Tottenham. It is a while since Abramovich have challenged for the league and like all businesses will attempt to ruin the opposition. Abramovich don’t need Willian but Tottenham do. Are you seriously suggesting that you don’t think a ruthless business like Abramovich FC wouldn’t buy a player because another club wanted him. If so, you are very very naive. Especially when that team need a centre forward, a holding midfield player and 2 centre halves. When you have the money that Abramovich have this is just a very sensible tactic. What’s more Abromovich will see Tottenham as threat so doing this is sensible and obvious.

  9. Ignorant article that doesn’t deserve dignifying with a real response.Bye!

  10. We outbid liverpool. Chelea outbid us. Thats ok. What isnt ok is the smirking disrespectful Arrogant one. The usual classless stuff we expect from you of course. thats why
    you’re w*nkers.

  11. All a bit interesting. As a another spurs fan said, all fair in love and war. We do it to others and you did it to us. But don’t delude yourself. Abramovich goes off and decides he wants the player. Did mourinho want him? And what’s wrong with a player taking on a challenge to make a team great. Did Chelsea not attract players when they were not contenders. They did, but money spoke more than anything else. And Willian is driven my money. In world cup year, he would have played a lot more for spurs. If Willian really was not committed to spurs, then maybe we are a better off. Btw Abramovich is probably still peeved with the modric affair, as he not use to not getting his way.

  12. So little do you know.

    He actually failed the medical.

  13. I am a Chelsea and think we have bought a bit of a duffer here – We must not sell Mata and should be buying a defensive midfielder and forward

  14. So write crap about spurs and delete my comment when I tell you what I think of it/you. Chelsea nob!

  15. Willian is an excellent player no question about it. How will he fit in with all those no.10 players Chelsea possess though?

  16. Willian is an mercenary. He went to Russia for the money and is now happy to warm the bench at Chelsea for a slightly fatter fat paycheck. He will fit right in with John Terry and al the other decent folk at Chelsea.

  17. Looking forward to Sandro and Paulino getting hold of this little prick Willian andkicking the shite out of him! Having watched Willian before, he turns it up when the tackles fly in and can see him being a hige flop in the PL. As for Mourinho,this arrogant prick just adding to the milllions who hate Chelski world wide.

  18. Another thing, there is no way Chelsea will sell Demba Ba to Roma if that is going to allow Roma to sell Lamela to Spurs. I can see Spurs missing out on him also, despite all the Bale money available. Would love to go in for Mata, but no way Chelski will sell to Spurs.

  19. It is the same thing that Totteham said when we signed Mata who went on to score goals and excel in chelsea. Same thing will happen in the case of willian wo for me was more elusive than Bale when he played against chelsea. All the same I expect totteham to compete strongly for the EPL title afterall we know thw none of the EPL teams are fantastic as mourinho said, even up till now

  20. It is the same thing that Totteham said when we signed Mata who went on to score goals and excel in chelsea. Same thing will happen in the case of willian wo for me was more elusive than Bale when he played against chelsea. All the same I expect totteham to compete strongly for the EPL title afterall we know thw none of the EPL teams are fantastic as mourinho said.

  21. pls how many goals did modric score for spur. Sucking spur fans

  22. azas..yes I remember the 11/12, season when ya’ll finished 4th and we finished 6th. you STILL didn’t make champions league bcz we WON champions league!! so chew on that you fucking twat.

  23. Willian was not needed, the manager collects players so no other rival can have them, Chelsea have 14 midfielders, 2 out on loan

    Mourinho will lend to WBA or other non threatening clubs, but will not loan to Arsenal, scared prick

    He is a cheque book manager,is 2 strikers enough you say well, I say it’s one too many

    He played no strikers against Man. United

    what a flip, what manager pokes people in the eye, this is a low life creep