Moyes Making Fewer Friends Than Foes

If I start criticising David Moyes, the assumption will be it’s because he’s managing United, whatever, I’m going to do it anyway.

In a sense, it is because he’s managing United but only because the minute he took the job on, he stopped resembling the man who managed Everton virtually overnight. Maybe part of his induction was to read the Simon Cowell manual on How to Win Friends and Influence People, who knows? But one thing is clear, the David Moyes at United is a far cry from the same man who quietly went about his business at Everton and earned the respect of many.

I mean, this is the man who publicly called out Marouane Fellaini for an elbow on Shawcross, the man who sued Wayne Rooney for comments made in his autobiography, so clearly a man who expects his players to have the same professional code of conduct as himself. This is the same man whose first message to a player already known to have itchy feet was to suggest “if for any reason we had an injury to Robin van Persie, we’ll need him.” Very authoritative.

And yet, this is the very same man who – whilst insisting on holding a player there who (according to SAF) has asked, not just once but twice, to leave – then suggests Martinez should sell players to him because it’s what he’d have done in similar circumstances.  Yeh right!  And in spite of branding Man City “disgusting” when they pursued Joleon Lescott, Moyes will now happily accuse his successor of ‘holding back’ the careers of Baines and Fellaini by not selling them.

It all smacks a bit of hypocrisy doesn’t it? I mean, on the one hand you have United snorting at the sort of money Chelsea have bid for Wayne Rooney, and on the other you have them insulting Moyes’ former club with an offer of 28million for what they would undoubtedly regard as two of their better players. Mind you, Moyes quite rightly points out “The transfer window is open and we can make bids and you can say ‘Yes or no’, it’s as simple as that. You are allowed to bid.” Or at least you are if you’re not Chelsea eh David?

At Everton, Moyes suggests he “always felt the right thing to do was what was right for the players” and yet, he seems quite happy with what appears to be the United ideal of not selling to Chelsea in a million years.  Evidently they feel quite threatened by us at the minute, which is flattering but not really my idea of ‘doing what’s right for the player’.

Obviously, having spent 11 years at a very tolerant Everton without winning anything, Moyes will know the Mancunian lot he’s inherited won’t be anywhere near as forgiving. In fact, if he fails to win anything in his first season, he’s pretty likely to see the gallows go up. So clearly, he’s keen to demonstrate his assertiveness and win whatever battles he can early doors but for my money, he would do well to pick his fights a little more cautiously if he’s not to run out of ammunition before the real battles begin.

Mind you, at such an early stage in his United ‘career’ it strikes me someone upstairs is probably still loading the gun, with Moyes simply firing the bullets – the only problem with that sort of gameplan though, is there’s always a risk it’ll backfire.



2 Responses to “Moyes Making Fewer Friends Than Foes”

  1. u are mad, who will do more than mourinho. Go to hell.

  2. Collins, I don’t really get if you’re making a sentence or asking a question. . . Well, its true that Moyes inherited SAF’s hypocrisy the moment he stuck his ass on that seat.