United v CHELSEA Preview: From The Fans

Something a bit different to the usual pre-match blog interview this season. Twitter always seems to have plenty to say for itself so ahead of today’s game, @TheChelseaBlog posed a few questions to its followers and here’s a selection of what came back:

Starting XI’s #MUFC #CFC

@Sontailsic Cech Branna Luiz JT Ash Ramires Frank Hazard Mata Oscar Lukaku

@mayur_lohana Ddg, Jones, Rio, Vidic, Evra, Valencia, Carrick, Cleverly, Welbeck, Rooney, Rvp


Key players?

@avenkat10 RVP, Carrick & CBs for us. For you, Lampard, Hazard, Mata (if he plays)

@mufcshirts Sneijder, Ronaldo, Fabregas, Thiago & Bebe

@ShaunGannon87 Obviously RVP, but I think our back 4 has to be solid.

@commutermisery For us Hazard and whoever sits in the holding role. Must watch Van Persie. For them, Cleverley. Over rated

@Josh_Bradbury hazard, cech, RVP, rooney

@imanski82 Oscar for CFC and van pesrsie for them!

@1968bonner Hope it will be a key player who will stand out rather than an official which is usually the case, Hazard, Lukaku to do well


How will Rooney do today, will he have a stormer or lose his head?

@chelseamunster would worry he will do a Torres and use the game as an interview

@Creflotip shrek will b shrek

@BusbyMUFC he could have both! Score a couple but then get easily wound up & lose his rag!

@Kendo_MUFC he’s been told he’s staying. As we all know his standard fitness is poor, needs to knuckle down and work hard to get into our team or there won’t be a World Cup for him!


Key battles?

@Josh_Bradbury Ramires and Rooney

@avenkat10 Has to be Torres vs Vidic, right? After all he “destroys” Vidic every time the pair meet. 2 goals in last 6 seasons


How many will Rooney score for/against us?

@_Rob_B he will score twice for each team and it’ll be a draw


Best United v Chelsea game from the Premier League era?

@wickedphilly best game was 97? When Zola scored that solo stunner



@Creflotip 3 – 0 in our favour #CFC

@PercyToplis easy win for Jose Genius and the Billionairres. How could MUFC stand any against his specialness?

@Kendo_MUFC 3-1

@mufcshirts Steve Round & Jose to end up brawling on the touchine after JM gives WR a big hug & Shakes his hand just before kick off



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