Spurs 1-1 CHELSEA: Torres Clawing His Way Back To Form

No handbags at dawn in the dugouts, whatever the press might have us believe, but the claws were definitely out on the pitch – or at least Torres’ were anyway. Gutting to see him go off for a non-offence in the end though, given it was the best performance we’ve seen from him in a very long time but there were more positives than negatives to take away from this game, not least of all the return of Mata – because for all the focus on ‘the sorcerer and his apprentice’ before the game, Juan Mata was the one who really brought a bit of magic to the proceedings.… Read More

Spurs v CHELSEA: Preview











Venue: White Hart Lane

Date: Saturday, 28 September

Kick-off: 12.45 GMT



Given the nonsense in the press ahead of today’s early game, you’d be forgiven for wondering whether we are about to see a televised arm wrestling contest between a couple of Portugeezers rather than a Premier League game between their respective teams.… Read More

Swindon v CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: County Ground

Date: Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kick-off: 7:45 GMT


So, after our win against Fulham in the league at the weekend, it’s onto Swindon and the 3rd round of the Capital One Cup tonight.  We can expect wholesale changes to the side Mourinho put out in the league, with Mourinho narrowly avoiding a public flogging with the confirmation that Juan Mata will play tonight. … Read More

Jose: Through Doubt and Derision

So, after the win against Fulham, Jose Mourinho took the opportunity to explain his stance on Juan Mata.  He did so openly, honestly – and in English – and yet, given the constant questioning, second guessing and downright disrespect aimed at him since, he might as well have been speaking double Dutch.… Read More

CHELSEA 2-0 Fulham: Critics in Crisis Now?

If anyone has managed to wade through various tweets/back pages/football forums etc dedicated  almost solely to Juan Mata’s non-selection, they might have picked up the merest hint that a game was actually taking place at Stamford Bridge.  Before that game, we had suffered one narrow defeat in the Premier League to Everton but the mass hysterics coming from the media had Jose on the ropes, the wheels coming off Chelsea’s wagon and our season written off with just about every football cliché you can imagine.… Read More

A Mata Of Perspective

It honestly strikes me that some Chelsea fans want the equivalent of speed dating with managers – either its instant orgasm or they’re dumped for the next prospect.  It’s absolutely stunning how already, the very people wetting themselves over Jose Mourinho’s return are now slating him after a couple of defeats. … Read More

CHELSEA v Fulham: Preview










Venue: Stamford Bridge

Date: Saturday, 21 September

Kick-off: 17.30 GMT


Four Premier League games in, one defeat and suddenly, not only are we in crisis but Jose Mourinho will apparently be looking for a new job by January because we’ll be lucky to finish in the top six under him this time.… Read More

Everton 1-0 CHELSEA: Reviews

Ok, so as bad days at the office go, this one was reminiscent of Monday morning with a hangover but we all have them. And it was maybe a little worrying that Samuel Eto’o looked about as likely to score against Everton as I would be with David Beckham but one can only presume the art of breathing was a little easier for him to manage at walking pace in Russia.… Read More

Everton v CHELSEA: Preview









Venue: Goodison Park

Date: Saturday, 14 September

Kick-off: 17.30 GMT


Finally back to domestic football and we’re still made to wait it out a bit with a late kick-off today against Everton.… Read More

Frank Lampard: 100 Not Out

Tonight, Frank Lampard wins his 100th cap for his country as England take on Ukraine – not bad for a fat boy eh?… Read More