Chelsea: Reverting To The Blame Game?

What a difference a week makes. One minute we’re ecstatic after a hard fought 3 points away – the 3 goals conceded overlooked in favour of our fighting spirit in the triumph – the next, we concede the same amount of goals in defeat away and the six goals together are a sign of our impending downfall. Overkill much?

Ok, so our defence hasn’t been right for a couple of games. We’re shaky, vulnerable, and Petr Cech has been left as exposed as a baby’s bum relieved of its nappy – the end product being every bit as messy. Some of the suggestions that Mourinho is selecting this defence out of stubbornness though, just smack of the usual blame-game aimed at countless Chelsea managers before.

If we had David Moyes, I could understand it because there’s a manager who looks more out of his depth every week. We’re fortunate enough to have Jose Mourinho though. It will have taken a lot for both him and Roman to acknowledge their former failings and give it another go – and I don’t believe either of them would have entered into this unless they genuinely believed it was in the best interests of Chelsea FC’s future. Yet here we are, not even out of 2013 and Mourinho’s management seems to be being questioned after a couple of dodgy games.

How quickly people forget our unprecedented success under Mourinho, or the position we were in this time last season with a manager who clearly had little or no respect for our club or its supporters. How quickly they forget us having to scrape our way through the season knowing our only real aim in the Premier League was to finish in a Champions League place. This season we have a very real chance of being in the title race – it’s not a forgone conclusion just because we have Jose Mourinho, no more than Arsenal winning it is a certainty because they finally splashed out on a quality player in Ozil – but we’re in a much stronger position with Mourinho than we were without him.

The trouble is, a dodgy game or two and everything that’s gone before is forgotten amid the stamping of feet and spitting of dummies because Mourinho hasn’t come in and blown away the opposition in the first few months. Well this isn’t 2005 and he didn’t inherit the same side. Yes, he inherited some quality within the squad but he didn’t inherit the sort of ‘team’ with momentum on their side. We haven’t just come off the back of a season where we were buying players Playstation style. Nor have we come off the back of a season where we finished second only to a side who had go unbeaten for a season.

The fact is, Mourinho inherited a squad that had several quality individuals, a side that finished third in the table and 14 points behind a pretty average United side. He inherited a side that had lost, not gained, Didier Drogba. In fact, what Mourinho got was a side with a striker that none of his predecessors could have got firing if they’d put a rocket up his backside – and he wasn’t given the open cheque book this time either.

So, if anyone was expecting a repeat of Mourinho’s first stint at Chelsea that would explain the tears and tantrums. If, like me, they were a little more realistic and open-minded though, then the showing of bottom lips this weekend just feels a bit like spoilt brat syndrome.


5 Responses to “Chelsea: Reverting To The Blame Game?”

  1. Excellent assessment. to get chelsea back on top will take time we should have bought falcon or caravan and paid what it would have taken to do this. and if we want either one of them we have to pay even more now. silly should of got one of them in summer

  2. Sorry for typing error u know who I mean

  3. Jose mourinho is not paid £10mil per year for nothing,he just start justifying his pay.he either steps in or steps out…

  4. Jose Mourinho will end up killing that Chelsea team, the team is already dying gradually. Look at Juan Mata the player who won back to back Chelsea best player for two season has lost his confidence, look at David Luiz, Ashely Cole, Ryan Betrand, to mention but few can no longer be recognise has best players rather becoming a shadow of themselves. Want is Michael Essien, Frank Lampard doing in that team The earlier Roman sack him the better for Chelsea football club.

  5. This article is great and is pretty spot on because of the money and success we have had over the last 10 yrs we have a few bad results and we are automatically in a crisis. It will take time we have one of the youngest first team squads i have seen, it lacks experience but makes up for that in talent. Trust in mourinho he will take us back to the top buy he has to develop the squad to his style and with the young guys give them the confidence and motivation to push and fight and he will. Mourinho has his tactics all u need do is look at his career (amazing). Some of the old guard remain and the reason for this is because he needs to put some experience in to control the youngsters. All in all the team is doing well with plenty of room for improvement if not this season the next will be one to remember.