Costa Comfortable in Premier League

Some said he was overrated, some said he’d be a waste of money, some even said he’d score goals but I bet none of us expected quite what we’ve got so far.
Diego Costa. What a player. What a buy.
In just three Premier League games so far he’s scored four goals and undoubtedly inspired a few of the others as our confidence in attack has reached orgasmic heights. I’ve always maintained the Premier League is the hardest league in the game to settle into yet Costa has settled so well, he’s found the target with his first shot in every game so far. That’s not just settling, that’s the foundations, the walls and the bloody roof!
Not since Didier Drogba’s first spell at Chelsea have we had such a physical presence in our frontline but Costa gives us that – and more. He works his arse off all over the pitch, in attack, in defence, tracking back, recovering the ball, holding it, in fact if there’s a gap on the field you can bet your arse Costa will find his way there. Those are the characteristics that will keep him in Mourinho’s good books and bring him the same level of adulation reserved for the likes of Didier Drogba.
It would be unfair to keep making comparisons with Costa’s predecessors, particularly given he’s not that far off their tally for last season already but suffice to say the Brazilian born striker has an eye for goal. In three one on one’s with Tim Howard this weekend, he scored two and forced a decent save for the other. He’s a gnarly, gritty player who’ll be a thorn in the opposition’s side this season and he’ll take no prisoners.
Whilst Martinez can complain about a lack of respect towards his players, Everton were blatant in their attempts to wind Costa up and once the yellow was brandished for some argy bargy with Coleman, they’ll have no doubt expected to see him subbed. Mourinho didn’t go with that option though and to his credit, Costa fuelled any irritation from the relentless provocation into his attack on goal, scoring in the last minute as he had in the first.
Diego Costa. What a player. What a buy.


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