Strange Sort of Justice

It’s one thing the hacks jumping all over Jose Mourinho’s comments about yet another inept refereeing decision yesterday, after all, some parts of the British public might even waste the few minutes it takes to read their drivel but Garth Crooks? Really? If we’re supposed to take anything he has to say seriously, then I’d really rather be illiterate.
He’s already had to apologise to Southampton for (wrongly) predicting they’d be relegated this season, so clearly he wasn’t going to offer up anything honest enough to singe that bridge again.
Quite apart from his blatant disregard for Chelsea in the first place, he’s a bit of a crusader is Crooks. His personal support of the Ferdinand’s, followed by his directing the FA in how they might punish a player already found not guilty in a court room, demonstrated he is incapable of being impartial when it comes to Chelsea.
Maybe a grudge held from six years previously when the Chelsea captain fell out with him over his underhand approach to an interview? Or just the sort of contempt we’d expect from ex-Spurs who’d be clueless enough to suggest Chelsea supporters should ‘get over themselves’ in relation to having an interim manager who probably had as much respect for the club as Crooks himself?
On this occasion though, we’re expected to ‘get over’ yet another wrongful decision against us, with Crooks advising “Here we see a classic case where Cesc Fabregas is in the box and genuinely gets tripped. I wonder if what has happened over recent weeks means the referee isn’t interested? It is a stonewall penalty. I have watched a lot of Chelsea and they get a lot of calls that go their way. They have had a lot of controversy with diving recently. What goes around, comes around. They have to take it.”
So, from the man who tirelessly campaigns for what he believes is right and just, from the man who directs the FA to take action in order for justice to be served, the advice is that Chelsea should shut up and accept refs coming into the game with preconceived ideas.
Strange sort of justice.


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  1. this article is very wrong nd stupid

  2. Erm, ok