Why Bale Signing is Hard To Resist

In the last few weeks, Chelsea have been linked with Real Madrid winger, Gareth Bale. It has survived past a few weeks, which means the media is either bored, or the move could actually have some substance. At first glance, the idea of Bale wearing blue next season seems ridiculous. I was guilty of taking the attitude of “we don’t need him anyway”. However, taking a second look at the situation, it not only seems plausible, but quite intriguing.

As much as I hate to be critical of this Chelsea team, I must admit that this season has been a minor disappointment. Even if Chelsea win the league, with their start to the season, their recent results have been underwhelming. While it’s tough to point fingers at any players in particular, Chelsea have lacked their attacking impetus.

Bale would absolutely speed up Chelsea’s attack. The Welshman’s pace coupled with his strength and incisive runs would be perfect for Chelsea’s counterattack. He would compliment Hazard on the other wing, and could even see Mourinho switch to a 4-3-3 formation rather than their classic 4-2-3-1. An attacking trio of Bale, Costa and Hazard would be possibly the deadliest in Europe.

While this deal seems unlikely, at second glance, it makes sense. Chelsea need another attacker this summer, and Bale has been on the outs with the Madrid fans and some of the players, namely Ronaldo. While Real continue to deny such allegations, there is evidence to suggest otherwise. Several goals Bale has scored this season have not been celebrated by Ronaldo. The fans also attacked the Welshman’s car after an underwhelming performance against Barcelona. The signs of unrest are all there, and Madrid’s main focus will be keeping Ronaldo happy. Therefore, it does open up the potential of an exit after just 2 seasons at the Bernabeu.

From Chelsea’s perspective, both fans and players will welcome the addition of Bale. He will provide an upgrade on Chelsea’s right wing in an attacking sense. It will also allow some of the attacking pressure to be taken off of Hazard, who often has to carry the Blues. One of the major hurdles of this transfer is the price tag that Bale would require, including his salary as well. The rumored deal is set to be about £75 million. How would Chelsea afford that kind of deal, especially if they seek to stay consistent with their newfound policy of selling to buy. Chelsea would have to sell several players to fund this deal, even though they are expected to have a strong amount of money to spend already. The Blues would probably have to sell Oscar, with Juventus being the likely destination for the Brazilian. Even Ramires could be a makeweight in the deal, as Real Madrid has expressed interest in him in the past. I think with the sale of two players, Chelsea could not only afford the deal, but possibly add 1 or 2 more players, comfortably remaining in the laws of Financial Fair Play.

Overall, there is no doubting whether or not moving for Bale makes sense for the Blues. Hopefully, we can add a player or two of his caliber in order to propel Chelsea to Europe’s elite. We know they’re capable of such a feat; we’ve seen the signs this season here and there. They need one or two more pieces to complete this team. Bale would be a perfect fit in this Chelsea puzzle which seems almost complete.

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