Chelsea Must Cash In On Salah This Summer

Mohammed Salah has been somewhat of an inconsistent player during his career. When he was at Basel, the Egyptian winger terrorized defenses, scoring several goals while at the Swiss club.

After impressing Mr. Abramovich, scoring 3 goals against Chelsea in 4 games, Salah earned a big move to West London. Since his transfer Salah has done little to prove his worth. He has shown a few glimpses of his potential, but that’s about it. The Egyptian has largely underwhelmed and found it hard to even make the bench.

Finally, Salah’s bench warming nightmare came to an end, being loaned to Fiorentina in Serie A. Since his move to Italy, Salah has been impressive to say the least. He already has several goals and assists at his new club. The 22-year old has been terrorizing Italian defenses with his quick pace and incisive runs.

Chelsea have noticed how well the Egyptian has been playing on loan. They are pleased with his performance not because of his future at the Blues, but because of his raising transfer value. With each goal he scores, he adds a few more pounds onto his worth. Where it seemed the Blues wouldn’t be able to make back their initial investment, it now appears that they can make a tidy profit off of the Egyptian.

Time is of the essence in this situation. While Salah is in tantalizing form at the moment, there is no guarantee it will continue. As Chelsea fans saw up close, Salah can be frustrating and ineffective. Therefore, Chelsea must sell Salah this summer. He has done enough to boost his transfer value. Allowing him to have another year on loan is more risky than the potential reward. No matter how well he plays next season, it won’t have enough of a significant impact on his overall transfer fee. However, if he plays poorly, Chelsea will risk losing several million pounds on his value.

Another consideration is that several news sources are reporting that Fiorentina is interested in buying him, prior to the option for a full year loan next season. They could choose to purchase him as early as this summer, and if they offer, Chelsea should negotiate as soon as possible.

There is no doubt that Salah has shown potential in some cases. I’ve never really rated him, especially in a Chelsea jersey. He doesn’t really have a place in the first team anymore and would take a place away from potential-filled loanees and academy players. The Egyptian has much more work to do to prove his worth, but why should he do so on Chelsea’s books? Sell the lad, and reinvest in someone who will realize their potential much sooner than the 22-year old winger.

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One Response to “Chelsea Must Cash In On Salah This Summer”

  1. I am pretty sure he will keep up the performances. I don’t think he is erratic, he just couldn’t do it at Chelsea – either because the league was too tough or because he couldn’t cope with the lack of playing time or the pressure of being a Chelsea first team player. I suspect it is simply the league that is noticeably tougher in England compared with Italy.