Eva Carneiro: Who’s Really Got The Agenda?

Eva Carneiro, is still Chelsea’s first-team doctor, she hasn’t been sacked and she isn’t some poor victim of sexism from Jose Mourinho. She was simply told off for actions the Chelsea boss disagreed with – and she chose to take to Facebook as a result.

As we know, Jose Mourinho was frustrated at his medical staff on Saturday, for rushing on to treat Eden Hazard. Obviously with players having to go off the field of play and wait for the ref to allow them back on, Jose couldn’t understand why medical staff would consider putting us in the position of having just 9 men on the pitch – albeit temporarily – in stoppage time.

After the game, the Chelsea boss said “I wasn’t very happy with my medical staff. You have to understand the game – even if you are a kit man, doctor or secretary on the bench. You have to know you have one player less and when you go to the pitch to assist a player you must be sure the player has a serious problem. I was sure Eden didn’t have a serious problem. He had a knock and was very, very tired but my medical department were impulsive and naive to leave me with eight outfield players. In a counter attack we were worried as we had two players less.”

It should be noted Mourinho wasn’t happy with his ‘medical staff’. It should also be noted he felt his ‘medical department’ were impulsive and naïve. The point being, he didn’t single Eva Carneiro out in his criticism. Unless Chelsea’s medical department consists only of a solitary female, we can assume the Chelsea boss was aiming his displeasure at both Eva and physio Jon Fearn.

Indeed, Carneiro is not the only member of Mourinho’s staff to have their working arrangements changed, although she is the only member of the two medical staff seen to be answering Mourinho back as she walked back towards the dug-out. She’s also the only member of Chelsea’s medical staff who responded on Facebook by writing: “I would like to thank the general public for their overwhelming support. Really very much appreciated.”

In true British fashion though, whilst Jose Mourinho is now branded ‘Absolutely appalling’ for his ‘poor behaviour’ assumed to be an ‘embarrassing attempt at diversion’, Eva Carneir is “a hard-working, dedicated professional. A trend-setter and role model for many women who want to play a role in modern football”

No mention at all that Jose Mourinho, as the first team boss, has to consider every eventuality during the game. Address each and every incident that might possibly have an impact on the game and as Jason Cundy suggests there is every chance he has spoken to his medical staff about this sort of situation previously because he leaves no stone unturned. If he had told every physio and doctor to check with him before running on the pitch… That is simply something we cannot know.”

Still, let’s not worry about any of that eh? Let’s assume that Eva (who has realistically had no more than a slapped wrist) – the same member of medical staff whose Facebook comment has brought about both unwanted publicity and public condemnation of our title winning manager – is the blameless victim of bully boy, sexist tactics – because there was as much outrage last time Mourinho took umbrage with our medics, right? Oh….

5 Responses to “Eva Carneiro: Who’s Really Got The Agenda?”

  1. What a childish article. I’ll ignore the sexism angle. The referee waved the medical team onto the pitch to treat the player. They had no choice. End of.

    Downgrading the duties of a medical staff member for doing their job is pathetic.

    Your mention of the innocuous Facebook comments are pathetic too.

    I would like to see all doctors boycott participation in the club’s first-team games for a month. That’d stop any games being played.

  2. *is* pathetic

  3. Jose was wrong and needs to publicly apologise to the medical staff.
    He needs to understand that there is a difference between understanding the game as a coach and the duties that are required to be performed by a medical doctor registered with the FA when a player is injured and the referee signals for medical assistance.

  4. Jose has offered her a very good lesson so she should be allowed to continue with her job since she has learned what is expected from her.

  5. Couldn’t agree more! All I’ve read today is this story! On the radio? The same! Jeez Eva, get over it