Jose Mourinho: Business As Usual

No sooner has the new season got under way than Chelsea find themselves in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Not the red card for Courtois though, or even the draw at home to Swansea on the opening day – as ever, it’s Jose Mourinho.

Not the best start to a season really but not for the first time either – as every budding Sherlock Holmes has gone to great lengths to point out – because back in 2006, when Mourinho was coincidentally starting his third season with us, all was not well. He was stroppy, grumpy and defensive. He’d swapped charisma for childish petulance. The wry, self assured smile packed it’s bags long before he did and the touch line strut, also on the missing list, was replaced by a a skulk. After a season without his trademark characteristics, Jose Mourinho followed them out of Stamford Bridge.

So here we are in 2015, Jose Mourinho got the hump with his medical staff last weekend so naturally it must be history repeating itself. But is it really, or is that just wishful thinking from his critics and the competition?

Jose Mourinho is coming into this season having won the 2014/15 title fairly comfortably. Ok, so second half of the season wasn’t anywhere near as entertaining as the first half but that didn’t mean the Chelsea boss ever allowed our grip on top spot to slip. We kept that position for 274 days – do any of his critics even mention that?

Maybe we all thought there’d be a bit more activity in the transfer market over the summer break? Last summer, he was off and running before the groundsmen had even had time to finish watering the pitch, yet this year, Mourinho has opted to replace a couple of outgoing players like for like. And why not? We already had a squad who won the title comfortably – without even breaking sweat between December and May – so what did everyone expect him to add?

Bringing Falcao in – on loan – to replace a 37 year old Didier Drogba could only be considered bad business by those with no business sense whatsoever, and whilst losing Petr Cech as our back-up keeper was never going to put a smile on any of our faces, he was a luxury we were never going to hang on to for longer than we did anyway. The fact that Jose managed to keep him last season was a major achievement in itself and to give credit where it’s due, Asmir Begovic is hardly Sammy the Seal. Add to those two a new left-back, which we blatantly need, then I’m not sure why our transfer business this summer is such an issue. Yes, we have some defensive concerns from pre season and the opening game but short of kidnapping John Stones, what do we want Jose to do?

In his first stint as Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho was accused of ‘buying’ back-to-back titles. Chelsea and Jose Mourinho were given no credit for those successes because of the financial outlay it had taken to turn us into genuine title challengers – and ultimately winners. This time around Jose Mourinho has made it clear he would not be spending money for the sake of it. Any players brought in would mean players going out. With a nod to FFP, Jose Mourinho told us the books needed to be balanced.

Last year, not only did he manage to get £50m for David Luiz but he also brought in Nemanja Matic, Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa – all without any major financial outlay from Chelsea FC. He can’t do that every year and shouldn’t need to either, these players have much more than one season in them. More to the point, so does Jose Mourinho.

Last season, Cesc Fabregas assisted 18 goals, his previous best was 17 with Arsenal in 2007-08 and Costa became only the fourth Chelsea player to reach 20 goals in a Premier League campaign (after Hasselbaink, Drogba and Lampard) – he didn’t even play as many games as Drogba! We lost just four games all season – even with our poorer form in the second half. Is this sounding like a team desperate for a makeover? Let the opposition spend it up – God knows they must have needed to if we managed 274 days of domination without even firing on all cylinders for half of it.

We still have the same squad of players who achieved that last season and we still have the same manager who led them to it. Is Jose likely to be on his way because he’s had a tiff with his medical staff? Or was last week more a sign of Mourinho’s intent to win at all costs and against whatever odds?

Jose Mourinho is a bad loser – that’s why we respect him and the opposition deride him. If things aren’t going right he’ll jump up and down, scream and shout and do whatever he thinks he needs to, to get the results. That’s why we love him and everyone else loathes him.

Is he on his way out? Only in their dreams.

One Response to “Jose Mourinho: Business As Usual”

  1. Here here. Some sense at last. The last week as been another Jose smokescreen to divert attention away from a team struggling to find their form. We have a saying where i sit in Gate 17 MHU. ‘In Jose We Trust.’ And he’ll outwit his counterpart on Sunday and the sun will shine once again on all us pensive blue souls. I used to get goosebumps when we made it to the 4th round of the FA Cup. Lest we forget where we came from…….