Chelsea’s Precious One’s Calling the Shots

My relationship with Chelsea Football Club is a love-hate one. Actually that’s not true, of course it’s not, but at times it’s a love-wind me up to the point I could headbutt a wall one. It’s a roller coaster of emotions I kid myself I want to get off sometimes but the reality is that’s not how football works. So whilst this week I’m furious with the club for sacking Jose Mourinho and even more disgusted with the players for leaving Chelsea with very little alternative, like the majority I’ll get over it and get on with supporting Chelsea in the same way I always have. It’ll just feel easier once the current crop of players have gone because I sit in the ‘players replicating a Dog & Duck XI to oust the manager’ camp.
This is a squad of Premier League champions, a team who comfortably won the title last season having placed themselves in that position by Christmas so they could get away with coasting til May. From Eden Hazard who was allegedly aspiring to the levels of Ronaldo and Messi, to Fabregas who looked like a genius signing and Diego Costa with the combination of menace and determination to threaten even the most composed defences, we flew out of the blocks and realistically put the league to bed before the turn of the year. Even in that period between January and May when complacency took the shine off more than a handful of games, our claim on the title was never under any genuine threat. It was that easy.
Back to the present day though and those same players, that same team, have determined that Chelsea have their worst start to a season in 37 years. Are we really supposed to have believed that every one of them aside from Willian just happened to be going through a bit of a blip in their form – for four months?! Even the most far fetched of soap operas wouldn’t dream up a storyline like that and expect anyone to buy it. This can’t be explained away as a collective drop off in form for Chelsea, it’s a catastrophic collapse. A departure so far removed from the side crowned Champions just 7 months ago, they’re on another planet if they think we’re naïve enough not to put 2 and 2 together.
Whilst rebellion in the ranks might be a new game for some of our current crop, we’ve seen it all before, and more than once. Chelsea supporters should have been credited with enough experience of it to spot the signs. We’re the ones who’ve had to sit and watch the players representing the club we love, drag us to a position in the table we’d managed to forget even existed for a comfortable enough period of time. The risk of relegation is very real, not to mention the risk to our reputation and bank balance. Mourinho’s pay off won’t have been cheap – and neither will a break from Europe.
Sacking Jose Mourinho first time around was never one of Roman’s smartest moves and despite the position our players were putting us in, getting rid of Jose Mourinho for a second time really is a mistake. In 2007, Mourinho left behind unfinished business. He loved the club, the majority of players had the greatest respect for him and he was idolised by the supporters. Getting Mourinho back has to be one of Roman’s greatest deals, on his return he was clear it would take a season to settle back in before he could deliver a return and true to his word, second season in, he did what he was paid to do.
Pat Nevin suggested Jose’s return signalled a change for the club – a move away from the manager merry-go-round to a period of stability with a long term manager. Despite his former status as an impact manager, I genuinely believed Jose Mourinho had reached the point in his career where he was ready for that and he’d chosen a club he had a great affinity with to do it. Our players ensured that can’t happen now and as if the fact he’s now likely to go to United wasn’t enough to affect the way Mourinho regards us in the future, the public display of disrespect shown to him by Eden Hazard on Monday night, topped by the statement from Emenalo before his seat was even cold, will make damn sure Jose Mourinho doesn’t let his heart rule his head in the future.
As for the ‘precious ones’, we’ll just have to hope their contracts are given the same sort of respect as the man who tolerated their egos for the past few months.


2 Responses to “Chelsea’s Precious One’s Calling the Shots”

  1. Couldnt have said it better myself. Took the words right out of my mouth. Exactly how I feel and the players should really feel ashamed by themselves!
    Here’s to hoping for better things to come.

  2. Morinho is a great Manager. Our players were the ones who were suppossed to be sent away. These new new crop of players lack Displine they think they are special when they are not.bring back DROGBA to instil displine to the Team.let him be on the Techenicle Bench