CHELSEA 2-3 Burnley: False Start for Chelsea

You know when the gun goes off at the start of a race and there’s someone with their foot trapped in the starting blocks and they try to free it but their shoe comes off? No me neither, but if Chelsea were Olympic sprinters……… get the picture.
It’s fair to say it took us a while to get out of the starting blocks yesterday and yet another red card thrown into the mix, this time for Gary Cahill, didn’t help much either. Was it warranted? Not for me, he was clumsy and over-zealous but there was no intent and it wasn’t reckless or out of control. Still, with red cards in 3 consecutive competitive games now, we’re getting used to playing with ten men – so our inability to hold off Burnley in the first half was pretty inexcusable.
We were all over the place after that decision and the panic was palpable. Was it 2015/16 again? Had we in fact dreamt we’d won the league but actually we were still that group of sullen, disinterested, can’t be arsed……..nope Antonio Conte stood on the touch line, so last season definitely happened. And yet that first 45 minutes was eerily reminiscent.
That’s where the comparison ends though, because as is often the case with Chelsea, it really was a game of two halves. Whatever Conte said at half-time, along with what he did with the substitutions, snapped us out of the state we’d been in. And whilst we’d left ourselves just a bit too much to do, particularly when we ended up having to do it with 9 men (less said about the ref, the better) there was enough in that second half to know we won’t be reliving the last debacle of a title defence.
Neither Rudiger nor Christensen looked out of place in their first competitive games of the season, whilst Alvaro Morata responded to his pre-season critics, not just with a goal and an assist, but with the sort of half that will calm down some of the hysterics – and quieten the pillocks singing Costa’s name!
Just need to get out of the blocks a bit quicker against Spurs!

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