What’s happened at Chelsea?

Where to start.

Seriously, we were at home to Spurs and we were a goal up. Not just that but we were the best side for the first 44 minutes – and yet we threw it away. In fact, we didn’t just throw it away, we put a ribbon round it, stuck a bow on it and gifted it to a team we’d refused to lose to in the previous 28 years. If that doesn’t tell you something is seriously wrong at Chelsea, nothing will.

Right now, we’re a disaster.

Last season, Conte was the saviour, yet yesterday everyone to a man was calling for his head (me included) as plan A failed and plan B failed to show itself. Tell me how you explain to your son that despite us being at home to Spurs there isn’t, in fact, some law that says we can’t lose to them, when for his 21 years on the planet, that’s how it’s always been.  I was as lost for a response as our players and manager looked in that second half.

So who is at fault? Conte? A manager who took us from 10th to the title last season? The players? Who beat Spurs at Wembley at the start of the season? Or those who took the decisions that mean the players we had then are not the same players we have now? The answer is likely to be somewhere in the middle. We’ve bought and sold players we probably didn’t need to – and failed to do deals we should have done. The players have failed to perform when they should have – and yet the manager has to take responsibility in defeat as much as in success. Likewise, whilst we know all too well our debt to Abramovich, that shouldn’t absolve him from our ongoing failure to genuinely invest in our future success as a club.

We bring in managers who win us titles, then refuse to back them amid the annual speculation of their sacking. Transfer windows come and go, and the club seemingly ignores whatever requests are made for reinforcements. As for strikers, we seem to break them at will – give us Lionel Messi and I’ve no doubt at all we could turn him into Chris Sutton within the blink of an eye. And whilst we strive to self-combust, even those around us who might previously have been regarded as also-rans, have quietly built for the future. A future we’re in serious danger of being left behind in unless we take an honest look at ourselves from within.

Chelsea is a club in danger of losing its way. A club that needs to remember its leadership on the pitch needs as much investment as the egos off it, if the odd defeat to Spurs in 28 years is to remain a blip in our records rather than the norm.

Am I wrong?


6 Responses to “What’s happened at Chelsea?”

  1. Get real.Tottenham are way ahead of us….thats what you need to face up to.

  2. You need a reality check big time.spurs are way better than us ..their team,manager and stadium to be…this was coming

  3. Yes. You are wrong.You werent the better side for 44 mins. It was fairly level to be fair.We just blew you out of the water in the second half….and you were lucky at Wembley too
    We fully deserved that and pissed all overyou

  4. “Am I wrong?” Yes you are. You keep banging on about Spurs not beating Chelsea for 28 years without the necessary qualifier that this only applies to games at Stamford Bridge. Bias and frustration makes us all blind at times. Here’s a bit from me. You were lucky to come back from 0-2 down two years ago in a certain infamous match at Stamford Bridge, and were lucky to catch us cold in our first ‘home’ game at Wembley at the start of the season. I guess the FA Cup final will have to decide matters: oh yes, you were the only team to be happy with the cup draw for the semi-finals when you got Southampton – the draw done by two ex-Chelsea players!

  5. Chelsea’s main problem has also been it’s saviour, Roman. His money made the team one of the best in the world but his management style has chased away 14 going on 15 managers in as many years. Not to mention also forcing players on managers like Shevchenko. The players see all this and know every manager has their own system and style. They simply dont play well or care anymore because they know the manager is going and they dont know if they’ll have a place in the next system. Constant uncertainty. If you transpose this scenario into your own daily business all of us would react the exact same way. Would any of you move to a different country with your family to work for a guy who has sacked the previous 15 guys in your same position? I wouldn’t and if I did I certainly wouldn’t move my family or buy a house. And if I was a player I wouldn’t come either without a lot of “Shut up” money up front and an escape plan (Hazard). Chelsea’s problem unfortunately is Roman Abramovich. We all need to get use to days like yesterday because this one isn’t the last.

  6. Tottenham fans reading a Chelsea blog…..says it all