Happy Birthday Chelsea

So, the club with ‘no history’ celebrates its 107th birthday today – and may there be many more.










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Roman Offers A Sweetener?

Roman Abramovich eh? Just when we’re ready to write him off as a very benevolent pain in the arse, he offers us something by way of redemption.  If I’m honest, whilst I’ve always maintained my respect and appreciation in terms of what he’s given us as a club, his sacking of AVB yesterday had me questioning my own sanity for defending him all this time, nevermind his sanity.… Read More

AVB Suffering For Past Mistakes?

I was watching some old Chelsea videos at the weekend – well let’s face it, it was preferable to our highlights against Birmingham wasn’t it?

With everything that’s going on at the club right now, particularly the pressure AVB is under and the (mis)reported chants for the return of Mourinho, there’s definitely a feel that some of us are harping after the past, so, true to that form I revisited our relegation back to the second division in ’88 (because I’m obviously sadistic) and ended the evening with some old favourites from 1997 through to 2005.… Read More

Zola v Norwich (video)

I know it’s predictable but when a goal is this special, it has to be done!


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CHELSEA 4-0 Portsmouth: Did Burley Notice The Goals?

(Picture omitted for fear of scaring off reader’s)

I didn’t get to see this one, since there seemed to be a bit of a blackout, so just like the 50s it was down to the radio to provide the entertainment for the day. Well ok, it wasn’t really like the 50s, since listening to it on the laptop and tweeting probably wasn’t a pastime back then – and they didn’t have cocks like Craig Burley to contend with either. … Read More

Leboeuf: Silva Reminds Me Of Zola

Franck Leboeuf is giving us the benefit of his advice ahead of our game against City tomorrow. Not that we’re already way behind in the league already or anything but the former Chelsea defender thinks we should look at it as a cup game. … Read More

Classic Carling Cup: Liverpool 2-3 Chelsea (video)

Ahead of tonight’s game I’ve been having a watch of some classic Carling Cup stuff.  It goes without saying I’d have to dig this one out.  The 2005 final v Liverpool. A bit of pre-helmet Cech, some vintage Makelele, Mourinho pissing the crowd off in true Mourinho fashion and to top it off, a Gerrard own goal.… Read More

JT: Last Of The ‘Untouchables’?

John Terry – ‘Captain, Leader, Legend’ – a description regally displayed by the home support and royally piss-taken by the opposition. Not that the Stamford Bridge faithful could care less, after all, he’s Mr Chelsea isn’t he? The fact he lives and breathes the club makes him untouchable, right? … Read More

AVB On Racism Row

I’ve refused to buy newspapers for probably about 15 years or more now, I won’t have them in my house and every time I read shite like I came across in yesterday’s Sun, it just strengthens my resolve.  Some bollocks headline about AVB ‘backing’ Poyet’s opinions on racism drew me in – the intention of course – and as usual, what followed gave no weight to the claim whatsoever.… Read More

Chelsea Gossip: Jose & Kalou Out, Modric & Bale In?

Boring weekend with the international and little club news but here’s a few stories coming out over the weekend:


CaughtOffside tell us Arsenal and Liverpool are after Kalou

FootballTalk suggest Jose could be on his way as well

Sportsvibe reckon we’ll be knocking on the Spurs door again

TheShedEnder tells us Mata’s a happy man

And GiveMeFootball bring us a former player’s praise… Read More