CHELSEA 2-1 Villa: Lambert Left Livid

So, 2 games in and the sight of Jose Mourinho throwing his arms up in the air at the officials was like he’d never been away. Of course, these were purely distraction techniques – diverting their attention away from the fact that we really should have conceded a penalty. But then considering Ivanovic was fortunate [...]

CHELSEA 2-0 Hull: Happy Homecoming

Out like lions and in like …….(not lambs exactly) calmer lions maybe? Whilst there were plenty giving it all that ‘typical Mourinho’ nonsense, I certainly wouldn’t complain about yesterday’s game. Rampant in the first 45, the game was effectively won by half-time, giving us the luxury of sitting back and soaking up anything Hull could [...]

CHELSEA 2-1 Sunderland: Lady Luck Shows Some Form

It didn’t look great for us at half-time, but a bit of good fortune got us back into it and we capitalised on the slip from Spurs in their earlier game. So, here’s how it went:

CHELSEA 1-0 United: Sublime Strike & Save Take Us To Wembley

So, the interim’s plan to put all his eggs in the FA Cup basket paid off this weekend. I’m still aggrieved his priorities don’t seem to be in line with those that really matter to us but a win over United will always be welcome. So, here’s how it happened:

Man City 2-0 CHELSEA: So much for bridging the gap!

Another day and another soul destroying game to endure, except this time we didn’t sneak any late goals to paper the cracks with. Did I say cracks? Of course I meant gaping great chasms! I honestly haven’t got it in me to rake through the debris, so here’s a few who can:

CHELSEA 4-0 Brentford: Old Boys Fighting Back?

In spite of FSW, it seems we can still win consecutive games – in different competitions no less – and neither JT nor Lampard are past it. So, here’s a summing up of our 4-0 win:   The full match report comes from the official CFC There’s opposition opinion from West London Sport Bleacher Report [...]

CHELSEA 4-1 Wigan: Rafa’s Reprieve

Good day Ladies and Gentleman, I interrupt the usual Chelsea doom and gloom to bring you news of a ray of sunshine on the horizon. Ok, so it may be a minor reprieve rather than a major breakthrough but let’s celebrate our victories as they come eh? Here’s the round-up:

Brentford 2-2 CHELSEA: Goals (video)

CHELSEA 8-0 Villa: Festivities Start Early For Chelsea

Well, Christmas certainly seemed to come early for us yesterday! Yes ok, so Villa were awful but even so, we were professional enough to take full advantage. Since I’m still speechless, here’s the views of those able to give them:   There’s a full match report from official CFC Match analysis comes from Sportsmole Lampard [...]

Leeds 1-5 CHELSEA: Bit Of Familiar Fight

It might only have been the Capital One Cup but we can’t afford to be fussy this season and let’s face it, a win against Leeds is always worth celebrating whatever competition it happens to be in.  So, here’s the usual post-match round-up:   There’s match analysis from Sportsmole A full match report from the [...]