England: Why Wilshere Isn’t Wrong

Jack Wilshere saying he thinks English players should play for England is a bit like saying professional football players shouldn’t smoke – you know it’s the ideal but there’s bound to be some who don’t agree with it, eh Jack? I mean, in theory you’d think it was pretty black and white but in practice, [...]

Frank Lampard: 100 Not Out

Tonight, Frank Lampard wins his 100th cap for his country as England take on Ukraine – not bad for a fat boy eh?

Internationals Mean Sweet FA….

There was a time when I didn’t hate international breaks. I’ve never jumped on the anti-England brigade’s bandwagon, if anything, I’ve always been big on supporting England. I’m English, why wouldn’t I? Well, maybe because it’s not fashionable – or at least that’s what you’d have thought before this week – but then the seemingly [...]

What Do We Really Think Of England?

Cheeky little mention for TheChelseaBlog in the Evening Standard on support for England from London club’s supporters’ – obviously said prior to the FA stamping all over my usual patriotism! Have a look at the link though, the QPR view is highly amusing

Rio Recall? Don’t Do It Roy!

So, John Terry retires from international football and literally within minutes people are asking whether Rio Ferdinand will get a recall. What I don’t understand though is why?

JT Makes The Right Decision, Will The FA?

John Terry has undoubtedly made the odd poor decision in his time (haven’t we all) but his decision to retire from international football yesterday was absolutely spot on.

Chelsea Gossip: Looking Better For Marin Than Malouda

Ok, so it’s the dreaded internationals and Chelsea news is a bit slow, so here’s a bit of a mix to keep you going til proper football return:   Daily Mail have a look at all that Malouda and Ferreira stuff ChrisDaviescfc has a look at Malouda’s contribution to Chelsea We ain’t got no history [...]

Lampard’s Captaincy And An Unexpected Bonus FOR JT & Ivanovic

Slightly quieter on the transfer front, so here’s some random Chelsea stuff to keep you going til our next (alleged) signing:   Give Me Football asks if we can win the title Sky Sports reports on Lampard getting the England armband Gulf News bring us good news on the disciplinary front Vital Chelsea give us [...]

Ashley Cole: A Hateful of Hollow?

Ashley Cole. Say that name and most people (outside of Chelsea) will throw the ‘C’ word about. Considering his service to England and English football, I find that a bit strange if I’m honest. Ok, so he may not be the subject of any ‘How to be the perfect husband’ manuals, but then there’s probably [...]

Lampard: Ash Has Got The Lot

Strange that me of all people should seem to be championing the Ashley Cole cause this weekend but he really impressed me for Chelsea last season and his form and attitude have undoubtedly carried over into the Euros.