The New Look Chelsea?

Well, TalkSport had this on their site yesterday as a potential away shirt for the 2011/12 season but I for one, will continue to hope for something better than the last away kit – and this ain’t it!

Lampard’s Back!

It might have taken him since August to find his way to the pitch but Frank Lampard has finally been spotted on the field in a Chelsea kit!

Osgood: A Chelsea Legend Celebrated

Finally, we have a fitting tribute to Peter Osgood, as the unveiling of his statue outside the West Stand took place last night: “Without a doubt (Peter Osgood) should be the one with a statue here. This is a wonderful tribute to what he brought to the club. We will never forget him because he [...]

Cheeky 3 Points For Liverpool

Come across this on Facebook last night (credits to Mark Worrall). I’m sure half of you will have seen it already but it’s just too funny not to post. LIVERPOOL’S FIRST 3 POINTS OF THE SEASON Didn’t Joe Cole get them up to 6 though? 

Chelsea Away Kit 2010/11

If I’m honest I don’t like it as much as last season’s but if it’s luckier than that one seemed to be then I’ve no doubt it’ll grow on me.

PICTURES: What Have Chelsea Players Been Up To?

If any of you wondered what the lad’s have got up to since the end of our double-winning season, here’s a snapshot of what some of them have been doing:

Drogba On Sale?

How would you fancy an extremely limited edition canvass to add to your memorabilia collection? Well ‘Got, got, got, need!’ might be one of the best places to have a look for one.

Chelsea Players Caught In Rivals Shirts

Adidas Press Release: New Chelsea Kit

The Shirt Notably for the first time in club football, adidas TechFit™ features directly in the playing shirt, enhancing muscle performance

New Look Chelsea

Hot on the heels of Lampard and Malouda doing their bit for the catwalk, here’s a bit more modeling Chelsea style………note Joe Cole getting used to his shirt for the new season!