Explaining Football To The Doubters…

Years ago now, I was asked to write something in an English class to explain what it is that’s so special about football – no easy task when the majority of the class really weren’t into it and didn’t get what the fuss was all about. This week, with me refusing to go anywhere I’m [...]

Chelsea 2011/12 Season – In Verse

It started off quite hopeful, with a new man in the job Alongside Villas-Boas, Juan Mata and Sideshow Bob We banged a few in, looked ok, you’d forgive us for all hoping – That even with a few old ‘uns, the Chelsea squad was coping We’d even hoped that Torres was, or at least until [...]

Chelsea: All Is Not Lost

After Blackburn then Europe, the boss had to go So Grant was hauled in by Kenyon & Co, As open-mouthed, we all sat and stared Who was this man and who even cared? Utd were next and, well off the pace We were given some bloke with a gormless face – Who stood looking clueless, [...]


As the run-in approaches, let’s see where we are Coz, for a club ‘going forward’ we ain’t moved very far. Where once there was arrogance, self assured belief Every win we get now brings only relief. No strutting on touchlines now that Grant’s in the job, If he did the ‘chin up’ he’d at least [...]

That’s Entertainment

No ticker tape, no party hats, no helium balloons, No title celebrations yet again for Wenger’s goons. They’d had a run, surprised a few and even topped the table But hold onto a 5 point gap, we saw they just weren’t able. For all the praise the press heaped on, the goals they just stopped [...]

No Early Exit

Champions League, the Mestalla again A win last time – but that was then, Now Mourinho’s gone, Avram’s in charge And the Chelsea boo boys are giving it large. His whole appointment as clear as mud Angry and bitter, they’re out for his blood, They want it fixed and they want it now – Welcome [...]

What We Need

As sad as it is, the ‘Special One’s’ gone The mourning is over, it’s time to move on. As hard as it is, as much as it hurts – Get them heads up and play for your shirts. Roman and Kenyon let everyone down Giving us Grant – an unqualified clown, But he’s just temporary [...]

European Blues

Second leg and we’re in Spain – Cup Winners semi once again. Like Copenhagen its 1 – all Will we stand firm or will we fall? A Mallorcan side so full of tricks and the Leicester game knocking us for six, Now the confidence on which we feed Deserts us in our hour of need. [...]

Just a Hiccup?

I’m well and truly gutted it’s the curse of Man United, I thought this time we’d beat ‘em and I’d even got excited. We outclassed and outplayed them but it’s just the same old story, Whenever they come to The Bridge it’s always ‘Glory, Glory’. As if that wasn’t bad enough – with confidence now [...]

The Ground

First a distant rumble, then louder, building up to the sound of a marching army. Stud after stud hits concrete as boots clatter up the tunnel. A splash of colour spills out, as if an overturned paint tin. Merging with green, it is greeted by the roar of a lion. Silent expectation falls around the [...]