The Rafa Effect

Rafa Benitez. A name that induces despair in the hearts of most Chelsea supporters and even fury for some. Me though, I’m past both of those emotions now. In fact, after our five minute collapse in the game against Reading, I just feel total despondence.

Is A ‘Special’ Response Required From Roman?

I was probably one of very few Chelsea supporters who didn’t always buy into how ‘Special’ Jose Mourinho was.  Ok, so maybe his first season at Chelsea found my backside rooted firmly to his bandwagon alongside everyone else’s – I bought into his ‘charming’ self-assurance, admired his ability to deflect press attention from his players […]

Chelsea: Fighting A Losing Battle?

So, another game without a win and this time we didn’t even manage a nil-nil, although we may well have taken that given the eventual result against West Ham. Ten years without losing to them, Rafa arrives – and there goes another record.  Surely even sacking is too good for him now? What we should […]

The Real Issue At Chelsea

It’s been a rocky ride at Chelsea this week and from the players to supporters, you won’t find many smiles on faces. In fact, the proverbial ‘furrowed brow’ had nothing on me yesterday every time I saw the dug-out – even a hefty trowel full of polyfilla wasn’t going to help my frown lines.  I’m […]

JT & Cole: Justice Or Vengeance?

How is it that in a court of law John Terry came away with a not guilty verdict against a charge of a racially aggravated public order offence and yet the press can still label him a ‘racist’ and get away with it? How is it also that he’s then subsequently charged by the FA […]

John Terry: The Other Side

John Terry. Yes I know, we read about him so much these days that even the most ardent Chelsea supporter must roll their eyes when they see the name in print now.  Most, if not all, of what we read about him isn’t pleasant either, in fact, google his name now and it seems to […]

JT Makes The Right Decision, Will The FA?

John Terry has undoubtedly made the odd poor decision in his time (haven’t we all) but his decision to retire from international football yesterday was absolutely spot on.

John Terry: Not Guilty And Still On Trial

Well, we knew whatever the verdict it would make little or no difference to some people didn’t we? I have to say though, I expected the worst shit to come from opposition supporters – yet that hasn’t been the case so far. Oh, I’m sure they’ll deliver their opinions in full voice throughout the season, […]

John Terry Verdict: Will Justice Be Served?

Finally, we’ve got to the last day of John Terry’s trial. Of course, even once the verdict has been delivered, it won’t be over though. It won’t be over for us because the debate will rage on whatever the outcome, and for JT because mud sticks following any accusation irrespective of guilt or innocence.

JT Trial Day 3: More Sour Grapes Than Substance?

So, a couple of days into the trial and whilst Rio Ferdinand continues to give his opinion from behind fake film tweets, the ‘trial’ itself is starting to look every bit as fictitious as Rumpole of the Bailey.