World Cup defeat to affect Chelsea the most?

Sunderland was the unlucky town that Sky Sports News chose to use as the face of defeat when England lost out on the opportunity to hold the 2018 World Cup, but perhaps a better place to have filmed would have been in West London at Stamford Bridge.

England Problems Not Down To Individuals

I was watching a programme about Italia 90 yesterday and like an old fart, the first thing I thought was ‘twenty years!! Where does the time go?’ The second thought that struck me was ‘what happened to England?’

Should John Terry Really Leave The Country?

Ouch, after the way his World Cup went, you’d think John Terry would want to take a bit of time off and forget it in the way JT usually does.

Ballack Absence A Sign Of Chelsea Future?

Ballack’s World Cup absence is a peak at Chelsea’s future.

TCB and Portugal: Portugal vs Spain Preview

Ok, England are out so for the rest of their campaign TheChelseaBlog continues to follow our Portugeezers out there. Today Portugal face Spain in what promises to be a decent game, so have a read of the preview here.

Situations Vacant: English Manager With A Clue & 11 Team Players

Well, that was a disaster yesterday wasn’t it?

Frank Lampard’s England ‘Equaliser’ (video)

All Aboard The England Bandwagon?

Victor Meldrew is alive and well and living in a town near you! The moaners and groaners, the doubters, the defeatists, you’ll hear them around you everywhere today…..yes, England have a game.

TCB and Portugal: Portugal vs Brazil Preview

Here we go again then, TheChelseaBlog has a look at Portugal ahead of their game against Brazil today. If you’re interested in TheChelseaBlog’s opinion for the Telegraph, click here.

John Terry: From Sinner To Saviour?

How fickle is England eh? From the booing of travelling support to the jeering man in the street, everyone had written us off – and reveled in it days ago – none more so than the press. John Terry’s ‘outburst’ was like an axe hanging over his head, ready to be swung by every journalist [...]