John Terry: From Sinner To Saviour?

How fickle is England eh? From the booing of travelling support to the jeering man in the street, everyone had written us off – and reveled in it days ago – none more so than the press. John Terry’s ‘outburst’ was like an axe hanging over his head, ready to be swung by every journalist in the country.Read More

John Terry Safe As England Prepare To Do Battle

Well, the debate about John Terry rages on but one thing’s for sure ahead of this afternoon’s crunch game against Slovenia – irrespective of how much he’s pissed off Capello – he isn’t dropped!Read More

JT Apology For Giving A S***

Oh dear, it appears Mr Capello is none too happy with our skipper after his impromptu press conference the other night. You see whilst Terry no doubt saw it as a bit of a battle cry ahead of our ‘must win game’ against Slovenia, rather than standing behind their former leader, it looks as if the ‘troops’ have been left scuffing their heels in the dirt awkwardly and whistling away in an effort not to hear his words – because they’re not interested.Read More

TCB and Portugal: Portugal vs North Korea Preview

Here we go again then. TheChelseaBlog makes a return to all things Portuguese in the continued coverage of Carvalho & co’s World Cup campaign. Click here for TheChelseaBlog’s preview of today’s game.

Read More

Is Naughty Nic Entirely To Blame?

So, with more drama surrounding him than a double episode of Eastenders, Nicolas Anelka has been sent home from the World Cup in shame.Read More

Wayne Rooney: Fact or Fury?

Right, it’s soapbox time on TheChelseaBlog again after last night’s England game I’m afraid.Read More

Another Potential Chelsea Target?

The links between us and what seems like half the players in Europe seem to get a bit flimsier as the days go by and here’s another one with about as much substance as a Mutu appeal. Read More

TCB and Portugal: Ivory Coast vs Portugal Preview

Continuing the coverage of Portugal’s World Cup – with one eye on Chelsea’s Portuguese players (not to mention certain Ivorian’s we could mention today) click here for TheChelseaBlog’s take on this afternoon’s Group G game between the Ivory Coast and Portugal. Read More

TCB and Portugal: An Eye On Our Portugeezers

For the duration of the World Cup…..or until they’re out at least, TheChelseaBlog is going a bit Portuguese, reviewing Portugal’s campaign for the Telegraph. Not such a strange idea considering the Chelsea contingent amongst them. So if you’re interested in what Portugal may or may not have to offer the 2010 World Cup, have a read here.Read More

Chelsea: Old & Overworked Or Just Unlucky?

I always dread international competitions because the odd injury or two is always inevitable but without so much as a ball being kicked in this year’s World Cup, our players are already dropping like flies.Read More