Pre-season 2014/15: Tears, Tantrums & Testosterone

From the stagnation that is closed season, pre-season proper is a time for speculation, excitation and potentially even ejaculation, or at least pre-season on Twitter is. With testosterone levels increasing on an almost tweet by tweet basis, shoulders are squared, chests puffed out and keyboards undoubtedly hammered as one-upmanship starts in earnest.

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Lampard v Chelsea: does he sky it or score?

Widespread pictures of Frank Lampard in a Manchester City shirt made my heart ache a little yesterday. In fact more than that, I actually winced at the sight. Why? He left Chelsea this summer after 13 years of service, so it’s entirely up to him where he plays out the remainder of his career. Realistically though, whilst it was inevitable he’d leave I don’t think any of us expected to see him end up at another Premier League club – or at least not one that would be in a title race anyway. Read more »

Costa Making Friends Of Former Enemies

Surprising how quickly you can warm to a player isn’t it?
When JT and Costa squared up to each other in the Champions League, I could have kicked his arse myself (Costa’s not JT’s obviously). Fast forward a few months and it’s all hand holding and back slapping for the new team mates. What a difference a few goals and several well chosen words make.
If there’d been any lingering doubt, Diego Costa had already shown us pre-season he’ll score goals at Chelsea but ahead of his home debut against Real Sociedad last night, our new striker made his intentions clear, saying “Now I can say I’m really sorry for the part I played in the game we won at Stamford Bridge. I remember the atmosphere and the passion of the supporters. They stayed right until the end, getting behind their team, even though it was unlikely they could win after we scored two quick goals. I liked that.
I hope my actions on the pitch and my feet will do the talking and then people can decide if I’m a good player or not, if I’m improving or not. All I can say is I love playing hard and fairly. Joining was an easy decision for me. We have some of the best players in the world, the best manager in the world and it’s a club with great history. Read more »

Suarez: The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game

It’s 2014 and football has finally lost it’s way.

Ok, not necessarily the game itself because we’ve seen some lovely stuff during the 2014 World Cup, but everything else that surrounds it. From the supporters, managers and players, through to the pundits, journalists and governing bodies, the plot has become well and truly lost. Or at least that seems to be the only explanation I can come up with to account for the whole Luis Suarez debacle.

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Chelsea Dwelling on the Past?

It might be silly season, with Chelsea linked with everyone except Joey Barton so far but the link with a return for Didier Drogba at least gives us something to debate. Read more »

CHELSEA v Norwich: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Sunday, 4 May
Kick-off: 16.00 BST

Well, Mourinho promised us nothing this season and after our midweek defeat to Atletico in the Champions League and City’s win against Everton yesterday, it seems that nothing is exactly what we’ll be getting.
There’s still points to play for though and we need at least one more to guarantee a top three finish, so with Norwich desperate to claw points together now we can’t afford to take this game lightly.
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CHELSEA v Atletico Madrid: Champions League Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Wednesday, 30 April
Kick-off: 19:45 BST

Having clearly upset the media and pundits alike with our ‘shock’ win over Liverpool at the weekend, unlike the league leaders (who prefer to take it easy midweek) it’s back to Europe for us with our Champions League semi-final second leg at home to Atletico Madrid.
Make no bones about it, we got a decent result against them in the first leg because not many sides have stopped the Spanish side from scoring at home this season – a season in which they are currently just 2 wins away from winning La Liga for the first time since 1996.
Of course, the fact we held them to a 0-0 at home will mean nothing if we fail to stop them scoring away from home tonight as well – so we have our work well and truly cut out if we’re to meet Real Madrid in Lisbon. Read more »

Liverpool v CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: Anfield
Date: Sunday, 27 April
Kick-off: 14.05 GMT

Whilst Liverpool could afford a draw today and still win the title (vomits in own mouth), after our cock-up against Sunderland, our best hopes of success (albeit as slim as the numbers left in our squad to see it out) now lie in Europe.
Still, given the arrogance with which they come into this game, it’ll be nice to at least let them know we’re there. So let’s try and make a game of it Jose.
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Atletico Madrid v Chelsea Preview: Blues must banish Black Cats loss with a result in Spain

‘Are they in the bottom half of the Premier League, struggling for survival, and expected to be on the end of a beating? No? Oh, that’s OK then. Bring ‘em on!’

Perhaps a little clunky, but that’s roughly our mindset now, thanks to some particularly horrifying results against lesser English opposition. Gone are the days of 7-0/8-0 against the riff-raff flailing at the foot of the EPL; now, they are even waltzing into Castle Stamford, scoring in our goal, tackling our players, taking our points…

Well, a trip to the volcanic Vicente Calderon may well do us some good, with the first leg of the Champions League semi-final sure to get Mourinho’s men back in their groove. For one thing, Atletico Madrid are far from being an inferior side.

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CHELSEA v Sunderland: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 19 April
Kick-off: 17.30 BST

No messing about today, yet another must-win game as Sunderland come for a visit looking to upset us as much as they upset City this week.
No excuses for us either with a late kick-off and the chance of a lie-in, so let’s do it.

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