Liverpool v CHELSEA: Talking to the Opposition

Ahead of today’s game with Liverpool, The Chelsea Blog had a chat with Singapore’s longest serving football pro and Liverpool fan Yazid Yasin. Have a butcher’s:
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Liverpool v CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: Anfield
Date: Saturday, 8 November
Kick-off: 12:45 GMT

You can pick up Chelsea tickets online – either for the Premier League or European games – and watch the Blues live in action.

After making life difficult for ourselves midweek, the lunchtime kick-off today takes us to Anfield and a game Liverpool were certainly focusing on even before they faced Real Madrid in their Champions League game. Brendan Rodgers can insist all he wants it’s not a computer game although I hear Carlo Ancelotti has spent all week on Football Manager compiling his January ‘miss list’.

Not that we covered ourselves in glory midweek either mind you because wherever our minds were on Wednesday night, they certainly weren’t on Maribor. It was far from one of our better days and we’ll need to give a better account of ourselves today if we’re to keep the pressure on Southampton and City.

Liverpool are naturally talking up the ‘revenge’, since they convinced themselves they’d actually have won the title last season if Gerrard hadn’t been felled by a stray blade of grass although as the cheeky little scousers would say, that’s history and the present sees them come into the game just the 12 points behind us, so let’s hope we can make that 15 today.
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CHELSEA v QPR: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 1 November
Kick-off: 15:00 GMT

Here we go again then, not five minutes since a surprisingly tough game against Shrewsbury and it’s back to the Premier League for some tired legs at home to QPR. Not that we’d be expecting to see Didier Drogba start again after the workout he had in Costa’s absence. You the fan, though, have no excuse – if you’re not already attending the game today, pick up your Chelsea tickets here.

It’s probably just as well we do have Costa back in time for today’s game as well, given our apparent inability to score against them in more recent meetings. Notably, the last time we played QPR at Stamford Bridge it was a 1-0 defeat and a pretty poor performance from us, although we know Mourinho will be expecting much better if we’re to keep our 100% record going so far this season – no pressure Diego.

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United 1-1 CHELSEA: One Man & His Whistle

Shall I have a rant or just accept the draw gracefully? I won’t be celebrating the draw, I know that much.
I won’t argue they had a marginally better first half than us but then, getting away with synchronised WWF moves in the box would give most sides the upper hand to be honest. As for the second half, it’s probably fair to say Dowd didn’t keep his head down as much as he did for the penalty claims. I’ve watched episodes of One Man and His Dog and heard whistles blown less. Like an over-protective dad, it seemed every time they lost possession, Dowd blew up and gave it back!
Accuse me of sour grapes if you must but if both of those were yellow cards for Ivanovic, then Adidas should just bring out a new line in shoulder pads and fluffy slippers and we’ll sing Ring-a-ring-a-roses at half time as well.
I’d said when the first yellow was brandished he’d got some sort of issue with Ivanovic from the off – and so it played out. Unfortunately Dowd had the last word, Ivanovic wasn’t there to defend when we needed him, courtesy of a badly timed gust of wind flooring the vertically challenged Di Maria and the rest is history.
Spoilt brat syndrome here? Maybe a little, after all a point away at OT would have been acceptable in season’s past. I guess we just know we’re a bit better than that at this moment in time, so a point felt a bit like a loss.
Enough of my rant though, here’s some other points of view:

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Man United v CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: Old Trafford
Date: Sunday, 26 October
Kick-off: 16:00 GMT

The press have tried their very hardest to turn this game into a battle of the managers as the former Barcelona colleagues meet this afternoon. Sadly for them, Mourinho hasn’t done too badly since his days under van Gaal – a fact the Dutchman has acknowledged ahead of the game – so the embarrassing attempts to portray our Portuguese manager as the tea boy turned good have been largely laughed at.
In their only previous meeting as manager’s in the Champions League final (2010) , Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan beat van Gaal’s Bayern Munich – an experience the United manager will not want to repeat today. Not that there’ll be any big ears on show this afternoon – just big egos.
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CHELSEA 6-0 Maribor: Hurricane Hazard Hits Stamford Bridge

Whilst hurricane Gonzalo threatened to infiltrate Britain, at Stamford Bridge it was all a bit of a breeze for Chelsea against Maribor in the Champions League. Despite previous draws against Schalke and Sporting, last night proved to be a wake up call for the visitors, with their goal given a bit of a battering. Ok, so we were a bit fortunate with the penalties as it turned out but we were more than good for the scoreline. Highlights had to be the captain’s marauding run down the pitch for his goal, Didier Drogba reminding us what he can do from the spot and some ridiculously good football from Eden Hazard. All that, and some youngsters getting a look in. Lovely stuff. Here’s the round-up of reviews:
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CHELSEA v Maribor: Champions League Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Tuesday, 21 October
Kick-off: 19:45 BST

It’s back to the Champions League tonight and a home game against Maribor. Champions League games are a great opportunity for fans to see a Chelsea match, so make sure you get your tickets before this game (or the next one – I hear we’re going up north).

We didn’t have the best start in Group G, held to a 1-1 draw at home against Schalke last month, although our last game proved more fruitful with a 1-0 win against Sporting Lisbon in Portugal.
We go into tonight’s game unbeaten in the Premier League and with five straight wins in all competitions. Maribor by comparison have won just one from their last four league games although draws against Schalke and Sporting still leave them second in the group ahead of their trip to Stamford Bridge.
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Crystal Palace v CHELSEA: Preview








Venue: Selhurst Park
Date: Saturday, 18 October
Kick-off: 15:00 GMT

This afternoon’s return to Premier League action sees us take the short trip to Selhurst Park to take on Crystal Palace. A bit of a banana skin for us last season, with John Terry scoring an own goal in a 1-0 defeat, with today marking the 500th time he’s led us out, the captain will be hoping the boss is right about his side’s balls this time round. Read more »

CHELSEA v Arsenal: Opposition View

Ahead of today’s game, I offered up a few questions to football coach and all round football nut Yaz. I’m reliably informed Yaz is Singapore’s most ardent Arsenal supporter, so let’s see what he’s got to say:

TCB: Like Jose Mourinho, I don’t have a lot to say about Mr Wenger and personally think it’s been a long 18 years. What do you think keeps Wenger at Arsenal though?
YAZ: We fans all like to believe that his brand of football for his philosophy brought excitement to the team and the league itself. His achievement over 18 years should be highly regarded.
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CHELSEA v Arsenal: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Sunday, 5 October
Kick-off: 14:05 GMT

If they’ve managed to come back down to earth after the euphoria of scoring a few goals against Galatasaray midweek, this afternoon’s early kick off sees us play host to Arsenal at Stamford Bridge
This is a pretty buoyant Arsenal side as well, with Danny Wellbeck’s six goals in his last six games, making him look a much bigger fish now he’s in a smaller pond – although to be fair, my mum could probably have had a hattrick against Galatasaray’s defence. Our defence is another matter, with 9 clean sheets from 11 at home and we’re not exactly shoddy up front so far this season either, with 19 goals compared to 7 at the same point last season.
We made Arsene Wenger’s 1000th Arsenal game an occasion to be remembered, by thumping them 6-0 at Stamford Bridge. By sheer coincidence, to mark 18 years as the Arsenal manager, Wenger again finds himself up against Jose Mourinho – the manager he hasn’t managed a win against in 11 previous meetings.
Not that he’s bitter about it or anything.

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