CHELSEA v Everton: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 16 January
Kick-off: 15:00 GMT

This afternoon’s game sees us play host to Everton and like every other side that comes to Stamford Bridge these days, the Toffees will be coming for the win. Martinez might not have a good record against us here but his Everton side have only lost once on their travels this season.
Chelsea, on the other hand, whilst possibly a little happier with Hiddink around aren’t exactly any more consistent. Unbeaten in a handful of games we might be, but winning we ain’t! And to call our performance against West Brom in midweek lacklustre, would be flattering us in the extreme.
Lets just hope the homecoming for Romelu Lukaku isn’t too happy!

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CHELSEA v Scunthorpe: FA Cup Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Sunday, 10 January
Kick-off: 14:00 GMT

During his first stint in charge in 2009, Guus Hiddink led Chelsea to FA Cup glory in a 2-1 win over Everton. Having blown even a European place this season, he’s hoping for domestic silverware at least, so we can expect the current interim manager to field a strong side as we play host to Scunthorpe.
Although 14th in the Premier League, Chelsea are unbeaten in four for the first time this season and certainly played more in the manner we’d expect against Palace in their last game. Scunthorpe meanwhile sit 15th in League One after 25 games and have been in mixed form of late, winning three, drawing four, and losing three of their last 10 games in all competitions. Mind you, it’s worth noting they’re unbeaten on the road in four outings, so there’s no room for complacency on our part.
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Crystal Palace v CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: Selhurst Park
Date: Sunday, 3 January
Kick-off: 13:30 GMT

Our first game of the new year sees us take on Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park in the early kick-off.
Last time out against Manchester United was absolute torture to watch and in all honesty United could, and probably should, have been out of sight by half-time. The jury is still out on whether us coming out of the game with a point was more by luck than judgement.
For Palace, it’s been two successive goalless draws, with them lacking a clinical finish up front but not lacking any presence at the back.
Despite Chelsea’s decent record against Palace, with nine wins against them in the Premier League, we’ve lost 2 of the last 4 meetings so we’re going to have to hope the players have resolved to kick-off our season in 2016.

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Man United v CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: Old Trafford
Date: Monday, 28 December
Kick-off: 17:30 GMT

In view of our record away at Old Trafford, this fixture wouldn’t usually bother Chelsea as much as most teams. Ahead of today, we’re unbeaten in our last eight against them in the league and cup. That’s not a statistic United will want to hear either in their current form but then, given we’re sitting 10 points and 9 places behind them in the table right now, this isn’t your usual United-Chelsea game.
United can’t find goals, which is a bonus since we don’t appear too great at defending them. Chelsea, meanwhile are without Diego Costa who scored both of ours against Watford Boxing Day.

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CHELSEA v Watford: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 26 December
Kick-off: 15:00 GMT

Our last game, against Sunderland, was probably the worst we’ll have to sit through this season – and god knows we’ve had to sit through enough dross. Obviously, we will always want to win – the point was, we wanted the same level of commitment under Jose Mourinho they managed to summon up without him last week. You’d have to think they got that message loud and clear, so it’s up to them what they do about it now.
This afternoon’s game against Watford won’t be anything like as easy, they’ve shown they have goals in them for a start and off the back of a win against Liverpool, the confidence will be all with them.

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CHELSEA v Sunderland: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 19 December
Kick-off: 15:00 GMT

So much to say yet so little motivation to say it as we go into what should have been a straight forward game for us at home to Sunderland. We’re Premier League champions, Sunderland are sitting in the relegation places and this fixture last season ended in a 3-1 win. Things at Chelsea are anything but straight forward though, we’re 16th in the table, manager-less and playing like the Dog & Duck after a night on the lash.
Whether our players come out all guns blazing now, or opt for the victim role, it’s fair to say they’re unlikely to be feeling the Stamford Bridge love either way. Make no mistake though, Sunderland will come with the intention of doing what most other teams have this season – going away with points in the bag. It’s going to be a difficult but interesting one to watch.

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Chelsea’s Precious One’s Calling the Shots

My relationship with Chelsea Football Club is a love-hate one. Actually that’s not true, of course it’s not, but at times it’s a love-wind me up to the point I could headbutt a wall one. It’s a roller coaster of emotions I kid myself I want to get off sometimes but the reality is that’s not how football works. So whilst this week I’m furious with the club for sacking Jose Mourinho and even more disgusted with the players for leaving Chelsea with very little alternative, like the majority I’ll get over it and get on with supporting Chelsea in the same way I always have. It’ll just feel easier once the current crop of players have gone because I sit in the ‘players replicating a Dog & Duck XI to oust the manager’ camp. Read more »

Leicester v CHELSEA: Preview

Venue: King Power Stadium
Date: Monday, 14 December
Kick-off: 20:00 GMT

We’ve had to grind out results against Leicester over the years and it’s not as if they’ve never beaten us but to go into tonight’s game as the current Premier League champions, yet fully expected to lose, is a bit odd. It shouldn’t be surprising we’re underdogs given they’re 3rd in the table, we’re 16th and both of us actually deserve our current place but it still feels a bit wrong.
Are we going to have a bit of a Bobby Ewing moment where we wake up and the last four months haven’t happened? I mean we looked better last time out, so it’s not really such a fantasy to think we could snap out of whatever the problem is and start looking like Chelsea again. Then again, we all thought that after wins against Arsenal, Villa, Norwich and even the draw agains Spurs. They were all false starts for us though, whilst Leicester have found consistency in form that make the prospect of this game unnerving – and still a bit odd.

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Leicester v CHELSEA: Talking to the opposition

Ahead of tomorrow’s game against Leicester, The Chelsea Blog had a quick chat with Leicester blog The Cunning Fox.

You can read the whole article here

CHELSEA v Bournemouth: Preview

Venue: Stamford Bridge
Date: Saturday, 5 December
Kick-off: 17:30 GMT

Chelsea looked a lot better last weekend to earn a draw away to the apparently on form Tottenham. This week it’s back at home with Bournemouth the visitors as we try to get a bit of momentum going in our season. What we lacked last week was a clinical finisher and as we know, Costa was amusing himself on the bench throwing his bib about. Of course, that would only have been more apt if it had been his dummy. This week, we’re to assume that little tantrum has got him his own way so we’ll just have to hope he’s got it out of his system and he comes back fit and ready to put in a decent shift.
As for our opponents, I have to admit I was impressed with their persistence against Everton last weekend. Our players would do well to remember our visitors won’t be coming to Stamford Bridge to roll over

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