Chelsea v Liverpool: Rafa Ultimately Does Drogba a Favour

Shove that in your overactive cakehole Rafa!


Still pretty stunned here if I’m honest. Not just have we finally beaten the dippers in the Champions League, and got to out first final, but on the night we actually deserved it. Actually, stunned really doesn’t cover it. Take every expletive you can imagine, roll them into one and even that still doesn’t cover it.Read More

Chelsea v Liverpool: Benitez Feeling The Pressure?

It’s funny how Benitez’s tongue seems to have loosened a lot lately. Maybe it’s because he thinks Grant’s more likely to crumble under the pressure than his old adversary? Then again, maybe it’s because he himself is starting to feel the strain this year? But whatever the reason, Rafa just doesn’t seem to be able to shut it at the minute.Read More

Didier Drogba: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous?

Why is it that so many of our supporters insist on defending Drogba’s behaviour no matter what he does? Are they prepared to put up with any amount of embarrassment in the hope that he’ll stay? Which of course he won’t – then again maybe he will – then maybe he won’t, because after all, he’s about as decisive as a rabbit caught in headlights.Read More

Benitez in ‘Drogba Diving’ shocker!

Remember that Benitez bloke? You know the one, the one who always had a go at Mourinho for using the press to play games. Of course, he was always superior because he’d never use the press in the same way would he? He’d never be worried enough about the outcome of a game to stoop to that sort of level would he?Read More

Liverpool Confident Despite Lack of Ambition

This weekend saw a tale of two games, two very different games and two teams with very different levels of ambition. Even though our actual chances of winning the league appeared slimmer than a size 0 on a diet, Grant chose to field a full-strength squad for the home game against Manchester United.Read More

Chelsea 2 – 1 Man United: Dramatic Finish at Stamford Bridge

At the start of play, it was a must-win for us to stay in the running while a win for Utd would all but secure them back-to-back titles. Nice to see Hargreaves, Ronaldo and Tevez on the bench then – Fergie had certainly taken our recent standard of play into consideration when picking today’s team.Read More

Drogba v Ronaldo: A Question of Diving?

Long compared to Olympic Gold Medallists for their technical ability to hit the deck at will, Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba have never won any praise for their ability to stay on their feet. Certainly, they’ve both been guilty of the odd un-induced tumble in the past but are they still being judged on past (theatrical) performances?Read More

Chelsea v Man United: Who Really Deserves It?

I still can’t quite work out how we’ve managed to have any bearing on where the title goes this season but somehow we’ve kept ourselves tight enough on Utd’s heels to give the press a ‘title race’ to write about and tomorrow lunchtime sees what could be the deciding game.  Ok, if we lost tomorrow statistically we could still wrestle the title away from them, but both Wigan and West Ham annihilating Utd while we stand on Newcastle and Bolton’s goal lines for 90 minutes solid, banging in goals, doesn’t seem the most realistic scenario somehow.Read More

Do Chelsea Miss Backroom Staff More Than Mourinho?

Remember Jose’s dossier’s? No, not the one’s concerned with Wenger’s voyeurism, but the one’s compiled on opponents. The groundwork that went into each and every game when TSO was around was legendary. But, with Mourinho’s departure seven months ago, so we saw the departure of his backroom staff: Baltemar Brito, one of his assistant managers; Rui Faria, his conditioning coach; Silvinho Louro, his goalkeeping coach; and Andre Villas Boas, his chief scout.Read More

Luck Finally Running Out For Liverpool?

Isn’t irony great?

Having squeezed past us without actually scoring a goal in 2005, lady luck turned the tables in style last night as we also failed to score and yet come away from Anfield with an away goal.

A typical Liverpool v Chelsea encounter without too much to get excited about, particularly during a first half which saw us unsurprisingly outplayed.Read More