Arsenal: What’s Wrong at the Emirates?

Whilst at the start of the season it was Arsenal who were being written off, by September, even our chances of qualifying for next year’s Champions League looked to have disappeared out the door along with our departing manager. But while it was Arsenal being lauded in the media, their style and flair fawned over by journalists everywhere with something other than pens in hands, at least we seemed to be living up to everyone’s expectations – or lack of anyway. But, whilst we all accept we haven’t played the prettiest football this season, in fact at times it’s been downright ugly, heading towards the last two games of the season, it’s us who are neck and next with Utd in the league and meeting them in the Champions League final.


So what’s gone wrong with Arsenal?


Well, for starters, if we’re going to make comparisons with Chelsea and Utd, then Arsenal miss a certain something – the ability to speak English maybe? Now before the gooners jump out of their prams here, whilst I realise the language itself might not be such an issue, the grit and determination that goes with an English contingent is. They can try and defend it as much as they like, but both Utd and Chelsea have a core of English players and when it comes to battling over the course of a season, this could make the difference. Of course we all need a touch of foreign flair but that’s not enough on its to go the distance – English players provide not just the passion to win but the bottle as well.


On the subject of bottle, that’s where the captain should come into it. He’s the one who needs to lead by example, issuing a rallying cry in the battle to force that extra bit of fight out of the lads. His job isn’t to abandon his team mates because having a tantrum seems more important at the time. Let’s mention no names here, but while your team mate is screaming in agony down the local hospital with his leg hanging off (well, you’d have thought so given the public hanging of the assailant), your job is not to sit blubbing in the semi circle because you’ve had a bad day. And they thought they got the better deal?!


I mean, given that Gallas is like the granddad at kindergarten, this sort of behaviour doesn’t help impressionable young boys. It’s no coincidence that when things don’t go their way, there’s much pouting and stamping of feet and very little else. And that’s not helped by a manager who refuses to see his little darlings misbehave in anyway and does everything but go round the officials houses to speak to their mothers. Is it any wonder these little cherubs haven’t got the ability to react positively to setbacks? Do they even feel they need to when they’ve got someone constantly making excuses for them?


But does the manager bring in the big boys to look after his little angels? Course not, that’d mean getting his stash from under the mattress. Why compete with the top clubs in the transfer market when you can scour the continent for undiscovered children to nurture and raise as your own? Of course it’s all very gratifying to see these schoolboys flourish and grow into fine young men with pretty feet, but the success doesn’t necessarily translate into much more than a pat on the head. Has he never heard the phrase “speculate to accumulate”? It’s no coincidence that the two clubs fighting it out for the honours again this season are the Premier League’s top spenders.


Arsenal simply lack the strength to compete – they don’t have the required backbone, maturity or experience and whilst they’ve undoubtedly got talent in their squad, they haven’t got anything else. Yes, their football is pretty to watch, but where’s the end product? And whatever happened to the days of “one-nil to the Arsenal”? Maybe it’s just that, that doesn’t translate very well into whatever language it is they speak at the Emirates these days?


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  1. 1 nil to the arsenal???? isnt that the exact scoreline arsenal beat chelsea by at the emirates this year?? Very impressive article mate….LOL

  2. English grit and determination? Is this the same English grit and determination which enabled the England team to get a draw against Croatia at Wembley to book a place in Austria/Switzerland? Oh wait…the England,team with all their English grit and determination, didn’t get the the point they needed at home against Croatia. Grit and determination? Then we must surely be talking about someone other than English players.

  3. I stopped reading this article after your first point about english grit. What a load of shit! I think you will remember one of our old english gritty players engineered a move to our rials because we would only offer him a paltry 50,000 a week! If english grit is so important, why are the english national team not competing in this year european championship? To say players like fabregas and flamini arnt willing to get “gritty” just because they arent english just shows how you are playing on incorrect stereotypes. I would hardly call essien or makalele flair players? You truly are an idiot. Well done on this season, i have tipped you for a while due to the great squad you have. Arsenal fell because we are too young, and the squad whcih was already too small suffered lots of injuries. Nothing to do with english crap. idiot.

  4. I think the main problem is that Arsenal simply don’t have the financial resources to compete in the transfer market. It’s not really a choice. The new stadium certainly will allow more level competition once the development is sold and the loans repaid (although not with Chelsea obviously, until the owner loses interst completely and moves on). Arsenal have made great strides under Wenger: so much so that people forget that the club has been outpunching its weight for years. A victim of his own success, then, Arsene Wenger.

  5. Where would you be without your Russian sugar daddy and his dirty money?

  6. yawn. we will see who is having the best season next year. the fact is even tho we havent won anthing this year, we have shown massive improvement on last season. the same will happen again next season, stop chatting rubish and concentrate on ur own moneybags club

  7. Why don’t you go to the right result website and see where Chelsea would be had the ref’s not favoured your English chumps. 9 points given by the refs I think it is. They show the same kind of Xenaphobia that you’ve shown in your b*llox article. The only way Chelsea can get anything out of big games is by scoring offside goals.

    John Terry is a c*nt!

    Jonn Terry is a c*nt!

  8. Lol, love the way you lot get straight on the defensive – must be seriously proud of your foreign legion. Maybe you didnt read it, but the article was about Arsenal, in comparison to teams like Utd and Chelsea, NOT about the England team. Where did I suggest an entire team of english players was needed?
    Oh and 1000, the point was that you dont even win consistently, never mind churn out the old 1-0’s every week.

  9. 500million to be 4 points ahead?

    Hold your heads down in shame!

    Stupid Chavs.

  10. the same english contigent who didn’t qualify for euro 08.
    arsenal have performed better then anybody pedicted.
    next year arsenal will win something. dont forget we did not spend millions like manu and liverpool etc
    what about liverpool, superman gerrard plays for them why are’nt they winning the league.
    arsenal could of won it and it would of been a shock to football but injuries to rosicky and eduardo and van man made us rely on teenagers and a converted right back to get us through hard times.
    all arsenal need is some extra good players even average english players , they can swing the ref in our favour.
    we ran out of quality players to the point that cesc hleb ade and toure could not rest. it would of taken an amazing effort for arsenal to do it. infact its still in reach. a big improvement on last season.
    so no doom and gloom please. dont fool the people.

  11. This looked like a sensible blog from a Chelsea boy, but to be honest I got bored with all the ‘English grit’ bollocks. Did we have a majority core of Englishmen when we went the entire season unbeaten? No. At the moment, English players are shit and over-priced, that’s the only reason we don’t sign them.

  12. The future of Arsenal is in the hands of the English. The future of Chel$ki is in the hands of a Russian who can at any point lose interest, and therefore, leave Chelsea totally fucked.

    Look at Chelsea’s budget, look at Man Poo’s budget, and then have a look at Arsenal’s. That may tell us a little bit. But it won’t always be the case. We’re in the middle of setting up stability and prosperity for the long term future of the greatest club in London.

    Speaking of non-english languages, what’s Russian for “kiss our english owned arse”?

  13. Where it went wrong was went some english grit snapped Eduardo’s leg. Arsenal’s poor form after that was no coincedence and cost us the title.

  14. Chelseadenise, your certainly a nut if you compare your russian plaything with a real club working without a sugar-daddy to help you win things. Come back when you actually play foorball which doesn´t make everyone fall asleep out of boredom, including a manager looks like he wants to kill himself rather than manage Chelski.

    This article is a laughing stock. Please entertain me again soon will ya.

  15. What a wanker!

  16. What? You wouldn’t expect supporters to get on the defensive when their team’s being critiqued by an outsider?

    Certainly Arsenal’s collapse at the end of the season has been staggering, but you yourself mention in the first sentence the preseason predictions of Arsenal going nowhere. I think all Gooners were rightly chuffed at our boys performance on the front end of the season. To see it all fall apart over a winter month was disappointing, sure, but not entirely unexpected or unforgivable.

    And while Arsenal is the odd man out of the Big 4 in not having “an iron English backbone” (what a load of shit), are you seriously suggesting that a backbone that includes Toure, Fabregas, and Flamini is somehow lacking?

    Arsenal’s collapse is down to injuries and youth. Your attempt to relate it to a lack of English resolve and too much Gallic cowardice is simultaneously obvious and ridiculous. I guess congrats on that then.

  17. Sacking Mourinho and giving the job to Grandad Grant is like leaving your arrogant genius model wife for a complete boring, ugly, farting old shite bag.

  18. I think the article makes some interesting points. The problem is that football these days is really all about how much money you can throw at the problem. Look at the biggest spenders over the past 5 years and you will see that Chelsea top the list followed by Liverpool, Man Utd and then Spurs with Arsenal down at 18th. If you ignore the under achieving Tottenham Hotspur then you have a pretty good representation of the top clubs in the country and why they are where they are. Take Drogba , Essien, Ballack and a couple of others out of Chelsea and they would be pretty average I believe. Yet, despite all of the monies spent Arsenal are just 4 points behind at this late stage of the season. Yes, I know it is not good enough for their supporters but those who have followed the team closely know that for long periods they outplayed all of the top clubs during the league games but are, admittedly, a bit short. And let’s not forget the fortunate decisions that have miraculously fallen Chelsea’s way this year either. On the other hand Arsenal do need to be prudent in their spending and really cannot compete in pure spending power with the other top 3 and this will continue for another couple of years I’m afraid. But a bit of humility from supporters whose very existence is founded on the misery of so many poor Russian peasants might not be too much to ask.

  19. you stupid cunt, we don’t have a mafia fiddling wanker who poaches, taps up and over pays for talent in Europe so that he can buy the shitty football team he had bought a fucking history. Everything we have achived we have worked hard for and that is why we have a far greater history that your shitty little club in fulham will ever have.

  20. Theres something fishy about this article. Oh yes wait, its the fact that it stinks. You should do your research love, Arsenal have come from behind more than any other team in the Premiership this season, if we were to of won the league then what would you of said? That Chelsea need more flair players and less english shit, i mean grit? Would you of hung and quartered your team? No I seriously doubt it. The fact of the matter is the squad was too small, every single Arsenal fan knew thi at the beginning of the season, we didnt deny it, it has nothing to do with grit.

    And whats all this aboutlittle Cerubs and wenger knocking on officials doors? Do you watch any Chelsea games, at least he doesnt start running down the ref on the pitch and screaming and shouting at him because of a decision. The players do not try to hunt down the ref like a pack of wolves unlike two teams at the top of the premiership do. Oh wait I think I see a pattern here. Two teams that are top, that try to ridicule refs as a team. hmmmmm.The only difference is one of the teams plays actual football, they dont wait for a lucky deflection, they actually go ad look for the goal. This is why I hope Utd win the league over a bunch of mercenary players that are just there because a Russian sugar daddy threw money at them.

    Anyway Denise the moral of the story is……..stay away from football and stick to cooking, website blogs especially about football are not your forte.

  21. There was me lulled into a false sense of security by the opening paragraph. Imagine my surprise when it turned into the same old tired xenophobic anti-Gallas agenda. Dull, must do better.

  22. Arsenal won consistently for 3-4rs of the season!

    its a mixture of thin squad, injuries & a bit of bad luck thats needed to win!
    like drogba’s offside goal against us, or babel/hleb incidents against liverpool! ferdinand/brown almost scoring own goals in ot! im not sour over anything because thats just the way football is! would more english players have changed those fine line incidents/decisions…thought not..(all it would do is make the media hate us less!)
    thats the diff between success & failure,
    we were very close this season its got nothing to do with not having english players…speaking of those! if england had players with the ‘grit & determination’ of say the ‘soft touch’ foreigners like gattuo or a flamini..maybe theyd be in the champs this summer as players like gerrard, lampard, swp & cole would be allowed to do what they do for their clubs…allowed to by who??!
    u guessed it…more ‘softie’ foreigners like mascherano…makalele & obi mikel!!

    ur article makes absolutely no sense mate u should be ashamed!

  23. Chelsea are the greatest financial failure in the history of sport.

    £380 million losses in 4 years!!! More that the total cost of Arsenals new stadium, vainshed into the true blue air!

    And still you have the nerve – or stupidity – to ask what’s wrong at Arsenal!

  24. Gotta love that English spirit. Shame it will be on the beach whilst the proper footballers compete in Euro 2008.

  25. And to think I supported these f**ks against Liverpool just the other day. This “english backbone” is the biggest load of sh*t i’ve ever heard. So how did Milan win the CL last year? or Inter Running away with the Serie A or even Real Madrid? I wish people would think before writing this crap instead of just rehashing what their wanker of a captain said a month ago. Let’s see how well the English at Chelsea do next season without Drogba. Oh and by the way? wasn’t Michael Ballack the player of the week last week? English? I think not. Essien is the best player on that team hands down. Not even close to a Brit. Long story short…

    Shut up b*tch

  26. What has “English grit” done for Everton, Blackburn, Sunderland, Birmingham, SPUDS, WasteHam, Derby, NetCattle etc.

    ARSENAL got done in by injuries to a VERY small squad … given the choices of Sheva, Alex, Maka, Malouda, Anelka, Ballack etc ….. Tevez, Saha, Vidic, Scholes, Nani, Anderson, Hergraves, Giggs etc … and Traore, Bendtner, Hoyte, Gibbs, Randall … on your bench what wil be your choice??

  27. Hahaha this article proves how the internet has given the clueless a voice to express their opinions. Do you know anything about football, wait you can’t, you are a chav.

  28. Hahaha this article proves how the internet has given the clueless a voice to express their opinions. Do you know anything about football, wait you can’t, you are a chav.

  29. I am blown away at your rampant xenophobia and prejudice.

    How on earth can you claim that Chelsea has an English core? Out of 26 First Team players, only 7 of them are English. Of those 7, only 4 are regular starters. Chelsea would be NOTHING without its non-native English speaking players like Cech, Essien, Carvalho, Drogba (who has admittedly had better seasons), and Ballack (who almost single-handedly beat Man U to bring you level on points). Let’s not forget that this team was built by a Portuguese manager and backed by Russian money. Hello, pot. This is the kettle. Have a look-see into this mirror.

    And, by the way, where would Man U be without Ronaldo, Evra, Tevez and van der Sar? Man U has a much stronger claim to an English core, but even they would be in trouble without their foreign players.

    I fully admit that you make some good points about Gallas as captain. I hope he does not continue in that role. But as for your comments about Arsene not admitting that his players make mistakes… What do you honestly think a manager is supposed to say in a press conference? Wenger has said repeatedly that he purposely deflects attention away from his players so that the press won’t criticize them individually. Who knows what he says to them in private? Not you and not me. But in the media, he takes all the heat.

    Do you really want to go down the road of comparing managers considering that Chelsea’s “special one” got his knickers in a wad and and left his players high and dry?

  30. Blimey, why are you talking about us? Your in the CL final and might win the title. Why not talk about yourselves?
    The English grit is total bollocks, your where you are because you have great professionals, Essien, Ballack, Drogba, Terry etc Englishness has nothing to do with it……..

  31. stick to cooking n cleaning. stop listening to ya son and his mates. any adult knows your chatting bollacks.

  32. I think this is a well balanced, insightful and intelligent article.

    By the way, your mum’s a cunt.

  33. It is not 380 million itis 580 million.Imagine having to pay that back without a sugar daddy.Jt would have to take up pole dancing.

  34. Started composing an intelligent balanced response. Decided to delete it and say the following :

    1) You are small and always will be small

    2) You dont deserve Romans millions

    3) Upon reflection maybe you deserve each other

    4) How dare you bunch of fickle wankers sing to Liverpool ” your support is fucking shit” , look in the mirror and listen to half time annoucments during the regular season at Stamford Bridge, not to discount adverts on Classic FM as you fuckers cant even fill your small shitty ground

    Your post was a load of blinkered cock…. English core the only thing that resonated with me on Wednesday was Frank Lampard hats off to him the boy has got heart !!!

    Other than that fuck Chelsea !!!

  35. 4 Points behind Man Utd and Chelsea with 2 games to go, a pretty good seaosn if you ask me considering we’ve had main men out for a while. So the only thing gone wrong is bad luck adn major injuries.

  36. This site is better than (the home of proper gooners)…….. they are usually extremely funny, but fuck me, you are a fuckin comic genius……. a thick cnut of a comic genius that knows fuck all about fuck all, but funny all the same !!!!!!

    Great comments Gooners, see you all on Le-Grove, you’ll enjoy reading funny sensible stuff instead of this Jonny English bollocks !!!!

  37. And out of those 4 regular starters, you bought 3 of them for obscene money, so one home grown Englishman and he’s a clueless cheat.

  38. I guess desperate housewives wasn’t on this week, ergo we have to listen to this silly cow; you know a football blog is totally shit when they’ve got a woman writing their articles

    oh my days i’ve had a laff readin ur article lady! bravo *claps*

  39. You just needed an excuse to slag off Gallas.

    While I’m not fond of him, have a look at the stats. We missed Van Persie the whole season. Eduardo got crippled and that was the start of us playing with Adebayor solo up front.

    That made all the difference cos we stopped scoring.
    being english does not mean you hold a monopoly on virtue. Ask Patrick Vieira. Or petit. or flamini. or fabregas.

    We simply ran out of striking options with our strikers injured. Unlike the money boys from chelsea and united, we don’t have the money to buy established internationals.

    You’re simply rent boys chelsea.

  40. Good to see fellow grovers doing their thing…..

  41. Lazy racist bullshit.
    If you cant see beyond the fact that the difference between our clubs is blood red money at your disposal as apposed to our finances than you’re even more stupid than this poor poor article.
    Please give me back the last minute of my life reading this utter gutter shite

  42. Interesting article but find it difficult to understand its xenophobic content given that the two players that have sparkled at Utd and Chelsea this year have been “foreigners” and where it not for these two, both teams would most probably have floundered below Liverpool!
    It’s also fascinating to see what the PFA think about “English Backbone” at Chelsea when they selected the Team of the Year. Amazing to think that a team that could potentially win 2 major trophies doesn’t have any trophy players!!!

  43. Arsenal have had English players in their side-Ashley Cole for instance who was approached illegally and bribed to play for Chelsea. How many of these English greats are home grown Chelsea boys? One- yes and he looks half the player when he plays for England in team which does not have a 9 man defence around him. There is only one reason why Chelsea are successful- they have spent more money to bribe more players to play for them than any club in history. Despite that you play the most boring defensive football in the league. I actually feel sorry for shallow glory seekers like you who would watch anything as long as their team wins. You lot are a latter day Leeds United.

  44. Finally, after all the insults a valid point Gunnersgoforth. I don’t think our English players have done as well this season as previously tbh – partly through injuries, partly through discipline – but I still think their presence (whether playing or not) has a positive influence on the mentality of some of our foreign players

  45. goonergerry – So I’m a glory seeker? LMFAO, can you actually read?

  46. I have only seen a few football matches live this year but many on TV. When at Craven Cottage early in this season with Cousin Andy and Uncle Bern (both Pompey season ticket holders for more than 25years) I watched two very ordinary teams bash the ball long and high into the air for the first 10-15 minutes and thought how difficult it was going to be for me to last the next 80 minutes. Then Pompey put the ball on the ground and passed and ran Fulham off their own pitch. I left Craven Cottage thinking that the Pompey support was the best I had ever seen and that Harry was building a team worthy of that love and passion. It was also clear to me that Fulham would go down this year as they were bereft of ideas other than to kick Pompey or continue to smash the ball into the air above the Pompey players. Pompey have been very good this season and easy to watch. Fulham have been awful to watch this season. Fulham will be well suited to England’s second tier competition as they have been playing football of that style and standard all of this season in preparation for next.
    It is my belief that the reason Mourinho was replaced is not about trophy’s as his record is without equal on that front. Better than Wengers one might argue. It was not about bigger ego’s or personalities than the Russian. It was about entertainment. “Schindlers List” won many trophy’s as did “The English Patient”. We have all seen them once and once was more than enough. “Back to the Future” and “Pulp Fiction” were never going to win any trophy’s for anything, but served as great entertainment years ago and will do for many years to come.
    Chelsea cannot sell out their small ground in South West London for one very good reason. The football they play is effective but not at all entertaining.
    Arsenal on the other hand sell out their magnificent new stadium weeks and months in advance of every fixture for one very good reason. The football they play whilst not always effective is enormously entertaining.
    Arsenal’s fan base is destined to grow out of this entertainment.
    Chelsea’s fan base has grown in the fashion stakes of a few uneducated (football wise, fashion wise or otherwise) young boys in Singapore and Hong Kong who believe girls might be fooled into thinking they are cool if they wear a Chelsea shirt. Some of these boys are under the illusion that the boys and girls who see them in a Chelsea shirt might think them a winner like the Chelsea team. I think the 10 000 real Chelsea fans that frequent Stamford Bridge each week would not even wish to embrace these lost souls.
    I did not support Brazil in the days of Pele. I had my Bobby Moore signature boots on as a child. But I still look back at those grainy pictures of Pele “entertaining” us with his skill and audacity with great fondness, as I’m sure we all do.
    Chelsea can win every trophy available for the next 4-5 years and they will never be loved by history the way great sides of the past are. Nottingham Forest, West Ham, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester United sides of the past have all had their periods of affection in our hearts not for the trophy’s they won but the football they played.
    I will remain a highly entertained Arsenal fan despite our failings.
    Chelsea’s failing is the football they play and it seems the only Chelsea fan who knows that is the owner.
    I think history will look favorably on Arsene Wenger’s team.
    The record books might not.
    I don’t know the record books of the 1950’s and 1960’s but I know Pele was the best player in the world back then and Brazil were the best team.
    By your reconing of English Grit being all important, I ask why Gillingham or Yeovil Town or Exeter are not Premier League Champions ahead of ManUre and Chelski?
    I know that Arsene will get his hands on a trophy this year, but that will not make him a loser in my eyes.
    Paying 580 million to watch boring football makes one Russian not only a loser, but very stupid. He could have bought a lifetimes worth of season tickets at Arsenal for that. Still, once he has his English passport and is imune from deportation for the crimes he has committed he may just sell Chelski and relax back in his seat in Arsenals state of the art stadium and enjoy some football the way it should be played.
    I thank Mr Wenger for fulfilling his promise to me. I am grateful that in a world filled with corruption, dishonnesty and reality television I was able to watch another great year of entertaining football.
    In another 5 years you will be playing away at Yeovil.

  47. Funny i have never heard so many disgruntled Arsenal supporters cheer up boys at least you are still the second best team in London.

  48. English grit at Chelsea – mme, essian, carvalho, drogba, anelka, mikel, cech, anelka, ballack – i could go on and on……

    So true english grit pays does it?

    Would that be the same English grit that is shown when playing for our country……

    This is all bollocks and as Arsene says, you only have such brits beacuse they are overpriced, over rated and you have a multi billionarre to fund them

    Remember Leeds……. That one day will be Chelsea


    All the best for your CL final in moscow, oh! which by the way should give you “HOME ADVANTAGE”

  50. Lol,
    Strike a nerve did I denice?
    Is that why you removed my post?