Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea: Pushing Our Luck (& Utd) To Final Day

Grant obviously felt he could get away with a bit of tinkering today, making five changes to the side who’d enjoyed a midweek victory over Liverpool. Obviously they’ve had a couple of pretty hard games and he’ll be mindful of keeping players injury-free for the Champions League final, but risk aside, I’m not sure these are players who really need resting.Read More

Newcastle Utd v Chelsea: Will The Title Go The Distance?

After Utd’s resounding win over West Ham on Saturday, anything less than our best today could turn their game into a title winning performance.


And make no mistake, Keegan’s well up for this one. Having finally found themselves on an unbeaten run, Newcastle would like nothing better than to relieve themselves on any fireworks we’re preparing to light and stretch that run a bit more.Read More