Abramovich: More Money Than Sense?

It wasn’t all that long ago when Chelsea players were winning the Coca Cola cup and it felt like a win on the pools. These days though a win on the pools would pale into insignificance considering the vast salaries they take home. But as if the ridiculous sums of money they command each year isn’t out of hand enough, they’re now being offered bonuses to do what they’re paid to do anyway.Read More

Chelsea: Rijkaard Makes Sense

From the first day he took up the position of Chelsea manager, there’s been a question mark over Avram Grant’s appointment and rightly so, because let’s be honest, it just didn’t make sense did it? One theory at the time was that, as a man who’d loitered around the training ground, his face was at least known to the players so he could keep the hot seat warm til a permanent manager was acquired.Read More