Chelsea’s Season: No Script Required

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Chelsea Fall Flat As Utd Take The Title

Watching the build up to this one all seemed a bit surreal – the closest title race ever in the history of the Premier League and somehow we’d got ourselves involved in it. Maybe it should’ve sunk in by today, after all, it’s all anyone’s talked about since we took 3 points off Utd, but then again it really wasn’t all that long ago that even automatic qualification for the Champions League looked out of reach.Read More

Final Day: Chelsea v Bolton – Winners or losers?

So, at the end of today it’ll all be over, the final day of the season with all its highs and lows. There’ll be sorrows drowned, celebrations slept off in gutters, hearts sung out, tears cried and of course, there’ll be winners and losers. But which one will we be?

It’s certainly been an eventful season for us with plenty of ups and downs.Read More