John Terry: Not Down Or Out!

It was hearts in mouths time again yesterday as not for the first time, we watched in horror as the once seemingly unbreakable Terry hit the deck. As if the fact he’d stayed down wasn’t confirmation enough then his punching the ground in a mixture of pain and frustration told us it was game over for the Captain.Read More

Chelsea: All Is Not Lost

After Blackburn then Europe, the boss had to go

So Grant was hauled in by Kenyon & Co,

As open-mouthed, we all sat and stared

Who was this man and who even cared?

Utd were next and, well off the pace

We were given some bloke with a gormless face –

Who stood looking clueless, not ‘special’ at all,

The question hung heavy, ‘how far will we fall?’

Two-nil to Utd, courtesy of the ref –

The officials, as usual, struck both blind and deaf.Read More