Could Eto’o Replace Drogba?

With SAF likely to add to an already frighteningly good squad in the summer and changes in both personnel and playing style an absolute must for us, thoughts must turn to who we can bring in, if anyone, to cut the gulf in goal difference between us and the Champions. So, with one little battle left before the summer, are we preparing to go head-to-head with the rest in Europe to find a frontman up to the task?Read More

Drogba Backlash On The Cards?

Well, you know we’ve got a big game coming up, not because anyone’s necessarily focusing on that yet but because Drogba’s all over the back pages again. For a change its not the Ivorian himself mouthing off, but the opposition seeing if they can mess with his head, which, according to Rooney “seems as if its not quite there” at times.Read More