Chelsea Supporters: Premier League Bad Boys?

So, we’ve got a manager who can’t manage, a team that can’t play pretty football and now, as the Premier League releases the results of The Behaviour of the Public Fair Play League, we’ve got the worst behaved supporters as well. Anyone else feeling a bit unloved?

Based on the following criteria: (1) verbal support in acceptable form and (2) recognition of outstanding play by opponents, the top 20 best behaved clubs for the entire 07/08 season are:

Fulham, 319 points, 8.40 average

Newcastle United, 313, 8.24

Arsenal, 312, 8.21

Portsmouth, 310, 8.16

Sunderland, 308, 8.11

Wigan Athletic, 306, 8.05

Manchester United, 305, 8.03

Tottenham Hotspur, 304, 8.00

West Ham United, 304, 8.00

Blackburn Rovers, 304, 8.00

Liverpool, 304, 8.00

Derby County 303, 7.97

Everton, 303, 7.87

Manchester City, 299, 7.87

Reading, 297, 7.82

Middlesbrough, 296, 7.79

Bolton Wanderers, 295, 7.76

Birmingham City, 294, 7.74

Aston Villa, 290, 7.63

Chelsea, 285, 7.50

Not that I’d pay too much attention to what the Premier League thinks or that they’d be the first to force their opinion of Chelsea on me, but just how ‘bad’ are we?Read More

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