Top Four: Who Deserved The Silverware This Season?


Ok, so its all over. Utd are top dogs both domestically and in Europe, but did they deserve it? And what about the rest of the top four, did they finish in their deserved positions and will they challenge Utd next season?

No doubting who finished top of the pile, Utd, despite finishing only two points ahead of us at the end, really have had a cracking season.Read More

Should Drogba Stay At Chelsea?

Like everyone else, I’ve spent a lot of time talking about Drogba this season, and usually for all the wrong reasons. Last season I heard it said on many occasion that Chelsea would never cope without him but for much of this season it would seem we’ve done exactly that. He’s played half his games in the once again favoured prostrate position and in a warmer climate it would’ve been more appropriate to pass him the suncream than the ball given the amount of effort he’s put in.Read More