Arsenal Shocker: We Won’t Spend Big

So, Danny Fiszman, Arsenal director came out yesterday saying the club aren’t prepared to spend big – and this is news?!

The Gunners, who failed to win a trophy during the previous campaign (yeah, yeah, I know we didn’t either but at least we never gave up til Utd crossed the finish line), are determined to remain financial martyrs til the end of time it seems.Read More

Bentley To Chelsea?

With an announcement of our new manager apparently imminent, I’m sure most of us just want it sorted so we can move forward. After all, its even harder to believe all the transfer speculation when there’s no-one there for new players to actually play for.

Anyway, onto one of the latest players who’s rumoured to fancy a move to an as-yet manager-less club – Blackburn’s David Bentley.Read More

Terry To Lead England

After a pretty grim week, John Terry has been given the welcome boost of the captaincy for tonight’s game against the USA. The announcement came, as expected, by the England manager yesterday, who reckon’s he’d already decided it before Terry’s Champions League slip. Personally I think he’s a sentimental old sod really.Read More