Arshavin To Arsenal, Barca Or Chelsea?

\It’s funny how you can usually tell how much truth there is in the latest rumour by comparing stories in the press. Whilst everyone seemed to be agreeing we’d sign Deco – and ultimately they were right, the whereabouts of Andrei Arshavin next season doesn’t seem to have reached the same sort of concensus.

We’ve so far been told that while Arsenal and Chelsea are prepared to do battle over the Russian star, the player himself will only consider a move to Barcelona although an offer from the Spanish club has not, as yet, been forthcoming. However, we’ve also been reliably informed that the Euro 2008 sensation has never actually turned down a move to Chelsea although Zenit St Petersburg don’t actually want to sell him.

Fast forward a bit and we’re now being told that he’s more or less certain to be going to Spain, with the Catalan club believed to have tabled a £12million bid some two months ago. So it only adds to the confusion to hear from ‘an unnamed source’ that Zenit have accepted a bid of the same amount off Chelsea. Predictably, Abramovich has been cited as the connection, with the Russian said to have intervened personally in order to get his man.

So, all that remains is for Arshavin to fly to London and sort out personal terms, except there appears to be a bit of a problem with that story as well since all the players from the national side were expected to return to training today following the Euros, with the club only expected to clarify the situation with the player then. A Zenit spokesperson said yesterday “We do not want to sell Arshavin. My understanding was that he would like to go play abroad. But he isn’t only interested in moving to Barcelona. There’s also Chelsea. Andrei never rejected the idea of moving there. The Chelsea managers know the situation and have already talked to his agent. On July 3rd Arshavin and his agent are to clarify their position with us.”

Which is probably a good thing, because we might then find out what that ‘cunning fox’ (not a phrase I’d choose) Arsene Wenger fits into all this. The Arsenal manager, according to one of the Russian club’s officials, is simply playing it cool when he questions Arshavin’s capabilities. Dennis Lakhter says “Arsene Wenger is a cunning fox. He calls Andrei a Tsar and then tries to deny interest in the player.”

As for the player’s version of events, Arshavin has suggested “for the moment, there is nothing concrete, it depends on a lot of things but I hope that it can be made concrete soon.” And with this ‘source’ putting in so much effort in a bid to keep the player’s profile as high as possible, you’d have to assume it will be.


9 Responses to “Arshavin To Arsenal, Barca Or Chelsea?”

  1. If Roman want Arshavin, he will get him to Chelsea FC, because when your a friend with POUTIN, even gazpront will be force to sell him, its very easy to understand.

  2. If they want him obviously chelski

  3. Maybe Wenger’s right about his fitness … but then maybe he could be another of Wenger’s mistakes, like the time he signed Davor Suker after his golden boot world cup performance…

  4. Eric your memory is a bit out there sunshine.Dvor Suker was signed as a stop gap for a minimal fee.He did his job well and was rewarded for it. He also left with honour and visits regularly. sadly because of Your Russian Mafia man…all football as we loved it has gone to the higest poacher/bidder. Apparently your club has even started poaching from our womens team…how sad is that!

    As for Arsharvin our God Arsene is always totally honest. He says that he is a great talent true! he says he looked exhausted after 3 games true! He says he would like him at The Emirates true! If he buys hi its because Chelski decide they dont want him or as with so many gtreat young players like Walcott & Ramsey, Chelski as a club are no attraction for true footballers only mercenaries.

    My Dad was Chelsea fan in the days of Bentley & Robertson…thank god he never saw this version of a once great club.

  5. I love it when Arsenal fans get so fed up they post comments on a Chelsea blog…the comments are always dripping with jealousy…

  6. spektral;

    When we are talkin bout newsnow, thats why you get anything arse related popping up fella.

    Dont be so sensitive, dont suit ya.

    Arse shavings is a half decent player, over hyped coz he played well in 2 games at the euros and did ok against mediocre teams in the uefa cup.

    He aint worth more than £4mill but will go to chelsea for £15mill.

    But they can afford it, as the fact Crespo has just gone off contract after costing them £18 mill says it all.

    the fact chelsea can spend without any come back is pretty disgusting and I’d never thought Id back Platini in anything. but, hey ho! the arrogant twat has got a point.

  7. Yeah, really jealous of a club that’s despised more than Man Utd are.
    Do you know EVERYONE who was neutral was hoping ManUtd won the league & Europe.
    And this is ManUtd yeah? Up until recently the most hated club in the country, f**k that, the World!!
    You’re not hated because everyone is jealous – it’s because Chelski FC are no different to an athlete that takes steriods.
    Try not cheating (ie) try spending what your club earns instead of having that Russian criminal bail you out for millions every year – and then lets see how many trophies you win. I’ll tell you one thing – you’ll win a hell of a lot more respect & the rest of the country can go back to hating ManU!!!

  8. RG – why spout the same shit about cheating as Platini? Its hardly original. So we have to pay over the top for any player we want to bring in, it aint great but what are we meant to do, have a load of youngsters playing for us so we’ve got an excuse for not winning every year? Maybe you lot just need to get over yourselves and bring in the odd big player yourselves and you wouldn’t be faced with the Adebayor farce you’ve got now. And you reckon the mercenaries are at Chelsea GunnerPete? lol

  9. Spektral. You just don’t get it, but there maybe isn’t any reason why you should.
    Gunner Pete, wherever your dad is, I hope he does not get a chance to watch his beloved Chelsea turn into the Club they have become, because he’s known better.And the football is not as good as the stuff in the 60s,70s, and all the fun after that< when for all their problems, Chelsea and its fans were a club that had an undefinable spirit
    Denise, please avoid disintegrating into the bottom quartile of Chelsea fans. Use your site as a last bastion of decent values for Chelsea fans. There are mercenaries everywhere in football, and a lot of nasty agents and clubs creating and fuelling greed. While this existed before abramovich even gave Putin a big bung to make his money, Chelsea have contributed more than anyone recently to the acceleration of this problem.
    Yes Arsenal might end up having to join you to compete, but that doesn’t make us jealous of you, and life is better while we don t have to go down that route. But most of you are well past the point where you can even begin to understand that.
    On second thoughts,Denise, maybe don’t even bother trying to cling on to any lost values your club ever had, and just bask in the (paid for) glory of being near the top of a very ugly pile.