Will Robinho Really End Up At Chelsea?

Chelsea have been linked with Robinho ever since it was announced Luiz Felipe Scolari would be our new manager. In fact, rumour had it he might even be Scolari’s first signing. However, getting to the truth amid all the speculation seems to be getting harder by the day.

Early rumours indicated a little irritation on Robinho’s part at Real’s embarrassingly relentless pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo and any reports linking him to Chelsea seemed to point to us being used as a way for Robinho to get a better deal out of his current club.

This week has seen Robinho’s agent suggest Barcelona were ready to make a move for the player although they were quick to deny it. Wagner Ribeiro, however, is adamant, stating “I don’t have an offer from Barca but a director from the club called me to see how things are going with the player. I am a man and I don’t lie and the director who called me is Pepe Costa.” Quite what relevance his gender has to telling the truth I’m not sure, but no matter.

The Brazilian’s agent then goes on to claim Chelsea have made a ‘firm offer’ of £31.75million for the 24 year old. But, just to make sure any other potential bidders aim slightly higher, Ribeiro insists Ramon Calderon is determined to keep Robinho at Real and he fully expects Chelsea to fail with their initial bid and Robinho to remain at the Bernabeu.

Hang on a minute though, what about the other reports about the negotiations Ribeiro was supposed to have entered into with Chelsea already? Are they a figment of some journalists imagination? Or even the one about Kenyon contacting Real to open discussions over a possible deal? Although, with one source claiming Robinho is yet to meet anyone from the Chelsea camp and another suggesting a deal was all but agreed during a cosy chat between Roman Abramovich and the Brazilian, maybe a grovelling phone call from Kenyon is a lot more believable.

Having no doubt thoroughly enjoyed reading all this in the papers, it has now been suggested that the player himself ‘is thought to have told’ Real’s sporting director, Predrag Mijatovic, he wants a move to Stamford Bridge. It is also apparently understood Robinho held discussions with Mijatovic only last week, following which, he was reported to have told Marca “I have the desire to leave Real Madrid.” Well, I have the desire to leave my job every Monday morning as well, but it doesn’t mean that’s going to happen either!

So, with the link between Robinho and Chelsea refusing to die down this summer, is there really a chance he’ll be playing his football in West London next season, or will he simply be enjoying the pleasures of an increased salary where he is?

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