Are Chelsea Giving In To Frank Lampard?

Either I’m psychic or I’ve just been supporting Chelsea too long, because a mere 24 hours ago, on this blog, I predicted the club would give in to Frank Lampard’s ridiculous demands. With new deals hurriedly arranged and the club confident Lampard would be staying, even with him continuing to refuse the offer on the table, it just seemed inevitable that despite the previous ‘take it or leave it’ stance, this turnaround was always on the cards.Read More

Ferguson Doesn’t Fancy Chelsea’s Chances

Alex Ferguson has said that he doesn’t expect much progress from Chelsea this season as they are a team ‘in their 30’s’. The Manchester United boss doesn’t believe that an ‘ageing’ Chelsea squad will provide much of a challenge to his team’s Premier League crown. Before you ask – no I haven’t made this up and yes, the mind games between Ferguson and Scolari have commenced.Read More