Chelsea: Scolari Keeping His Cool


Good to see the paper’s are still on form as far as stretching every conceivable word coming out of Chelsea, from statements of optimism to threats of worldwide domination, is concerned.

Scolari says “We have four competitions this season and I will try to win four competitions” and it suddenly becomes “We can do the quadruple.” I mean, I know he always pulls the old “I don’t speak very good English” chestnut, particularly when it suits him to do so, but you’d think the British press would have a slightly better command of the Queen’s own wouldn’t you?Read More

Anelka Feeling The Pain?

Mention Chelsea’s Champions League defeat to anyone and the image the majority are likely to conjure up would usually be John Terry. Be it his penalty slip or the tears that followed, this is what most would remember. He certainly seemed to take it harder than anyone, shouldering the responsibility for eleven men with a public apology – although I never really saw the need for that.Read More