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Gerrard’s Idea Of Celebration?

Liverpool extended their lead over us at the top of the table on Sunday following their 5-1 thumping of Newcastle.

After the game, Liverpool captain, Stevie Me gloated “We have given ourselves a great chance. We have to remain consistent, that is the key. If we want to stay at the top and be involved in this title race, we have got to deal with the pressure. We have big players here and we will have a lot of tests and challenges to come, but if we keep playing like this then we will be there.”

Oh, and then he allegedly went on to beat the crap out of someone.

So either that’s considered a classy way to celebrate where he comes from or maybe the ‘big players’ just can’t ‘deal with the pressure’ of sitting at the top of the table – even if they are only keeping it warm for the eventual winners?

You see, what we know so far is that after the game Ickle Stevie took himself off to a nightclub in Southport, and clearly overcome with emotion after his two goals earlier in the day, was given the opportunity to sleep it off in the cells for the night. An unusual way for a player to celebrate a brace you might think? But maybe only as unusual as a 34 year old man being treated for facial injuries following his first encounter with a true life saint.

Predictably, the club of ‘the best team’ Ickle Stevie has ever played with have declined to comment although I’ve no doubt the press will absolve him of any blame in due course.

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