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Chelsea Injuries: One In, Two Out

The game against Fulham saw the return of Chelsea’s bad luck – no, not the two goals conceded, that was down to plain rubbish defending – I’m talking about our injuries.

Seriously, we seem to have done nothing but bemoan injuries for the past couple of seasons, each time thinking it can’t get any worse, and yet this season it has. Whilst I’m not suggesting for a minute other teams haven’t had their fair share of crocked players, looking at the impact our injuries have had this season – along with what has to be a slightly smaller squad than previous Chelsea managers have had at their disposal – the sight of both Alex and Malouda going off at Craven Cottage just added to my paranoia suspicions that someone’s sticking pins in Chelsea dolls somewhere.

Early news suggested Malouda had done his hamstring and Alex had pulled his thigh although it now turns out they both sustained hamstring injuries so that’s the pair of them out for a while. The one bit of good news was the return of Ricardo Carvalho on Sunday because god knows he’s been a huge miss for the majority of the season so far.

Surely it can’t get any worse??

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